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Your Cw History; Something to Read
Topic Started: April 26 2010, 04:32 AM (30,957 Views)
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CWG for life, and I mean it!

Here's what I wrote November 8, 2008:

My name is Derek (or Dirk389 as most of you know me). I started playing Runescape in the Spring of 2005. By June I was about 75 combat and decided it was time to upgrade to members status. It took all of 3 days for me to find out about Castle Wars... needless to say, after that I was hooked.

I originally played in world 44. It just so happens this was one of two major CW worlds back then. I quickly cought on to the flow of how CW was played. Many of the regulars were impressed that such a low level with such junky gear could play so well. Although I didn't realize it at the time, I was quickly making a name for myself in world 44.

Sometime in mid Summer of that year a player that went by the name of Biker16 started something revolutionary... the first CW clan. He named it Saradomin Knights. I was one of the lowest level members at about 85. This clan wasn't very organized or structured, and it died after only about a month, but it wouldn't be the last of its kind.

Upon the disbandment of Saradomin Knights, a new world based clan named 44-Elite was formed with Suzi_29_99 and Flipside64 as its leaders. This was the first real organized CW clan. It was the first to have a website and an official memberslist. They eagerly recruited me, along with any and all decent players found in world 44. Soon after 44-E was formed alot of smaller CW clans came into the mix. Only one could have even been considered its equal though, and thats Crusade Warriors(aka World 36). They formed out of shear rivalry. Before 44-E was formed, world 44 and 36 had a grudge like no other. Due to major quarrels within the clan, 44-E split after three or four months. Suzi_29_99 remained as the leader, while Flipside64 started a new clan...

He formed Hostility. This was going to be a promising clan with higher requirements and stricter rules than all CW clans before it. Flipside asked me to be his Head Council. It was quite a surprise to me, since I'd never had a leadership position in either of the other clans I had been in, but I accepted. We set out to make a name for Hos. I started playing CW in obscure worlds. This let me meet CWers no one had really seen before and was great for recruiting new talent. With Flipside's experienced leadership and my ability to find new players Hostility became the strongest CW clan in the game. Sometime in July 2006 me and Flipside had a major disagreement and I ended up leaving the clan. He stayed as leader until it closed in March 2007.

During August of 2006 I was approached by V_ct0r, who was a former leader of Crusade Warriors. He said he wanted to start a new clan... the best CW clan anyone had ever seen. We pondered names for a bit and somehow Teb869 came into the mix. The three of us ended up agreeing on the name Castle Wars Greatest. It seemed to fit what were trying to accomplish. The idea quickly took off and we had a site running in no time. CWG had almost unthinkable requirements; accepting only the best of the best. During my time as leader V_ct0r stepped down and it was only me and Teb. We were going strong, completely untouchable... and then Teb just disappeared. I was the only leader left. I managed to keep the tradition alive with win after win until Teb came back a couple months later. Due to family issues he had no access to the internet, which was perfectly understandable. On February 24th me and Teb decided to shutdown CWG with an undefeated record...

On March 26th the clan was reopened due to the extreme want of the old CWG members for us to re-open it. although this time it would be Dracobringer as leader. I was given a council position. For over a year Draco led CWG to victory after victory, but I only remained as council until June 20th 2007. The 21st I had to report to Fort Jackson, SC for basic training. Real life had gotten in the way of my beloved Runescape ( tongue.gif ).

When I returned in September I declined any kind of leadership role due to it being my senior year of highschool and it was more important for me to graduate than play a game. I was an Elite Member from there on out; until its closing on November 6th, 2008. For the last 6 months or so of its life, CWG was led by Shenron_13 and Cordero8. When it closed it was still undefeated... more than two years after we opened it.

That's my history up until then. Not much has happened since, lol...
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