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Your Cw History; Something to Read
Topic Started: April 26 2010, 04:32 AM (31,033 Views)

romo =]
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i started cwin when it first came out. i remember my first game i was lvl60 in rune and my f2p friend was showin me how to play and we got their flag and died under mid to a burster..which later we lost like 7-0 i forget. anyways, i played in w27 for a while. i grew to know the w27ers really well like airjaytoo, laser907, jodini1, pete (battered), sangox, beepers, angelito and later on kie and rishi. airjay would become my best friend, strange being that were both from texas too lol. we wouldn't always go on the same team and when we didnt we knew itd b a challenge. then there came an evil that formed in w27, known as enzo. he was the person you loved to hate, he was c**ky, arrogant, and stacked. every flame war in w27 would always be laser n co vs enzo n co. id like to think that w27 had the most flaming out of any home world but i wouldnt know.

eventually teb came to w27 one day and saw me play. he invited me to the first cwg, but i declined at the time because i wasnt really interested. but after all of that the 2nd cwg eventually opened with dirk and victor leading. i didnt know this, but cjvegas came to w27 that night and, like teb, saw me play and invited me to cwg. i accepted this time and apped (march 2007).

Runescape name: Grivous615
Posted Image
Amount of CW tickets: 2930
Homeworld: 27
Timezone: Central.
Who recommended you to the clan? cjvegas
Around what time do you usually play cw? Whenever I feel..
Person you PMed in game(either dirk389 or v_ct0r): Neither..?

nobody in cwg had ever seen me play except airjay and cj, but i still got in pretty easily lol. at my first war i discovered my click (wat we called it before ip). i became addicted because almost nobody could beat my click, so i cwed in cwg events\w6\w129 a lot. i made a lot of cool friends the first time i was in cwg, like vic, mack, cordy, narni (mario =]]]]]), G, flare, ect. but i became better friends with airnab (nab is my word btw), who eventually convinced me to quit cwg and join cwo.

i started to become a defender rather than a scorer now, mostly because scoring kinda bored me. after 2 wars with cwo, being the pro clan hopper that i was turning into, jessie (lonelyloser) convinced me to join cwf (cwo died a couple weeks later). i stayed in cwf for a couple fun months where i met cool ppl like brian and jovdelmar. right before we were about to have a big war with cwg, cwg split into 2 with c_w. i showed my loyality once again by quittin cwf and joining c_w. i had tons of fun in c_w, however i missed the c_w cwg war because SSJ AND FAINT DECIDED IT WOULD B COOL TO SCHEDULE IT DURING THE WEEK I WAS IN PHILIDELPHIA ROFL ! =[ i would join cwg cwf and c_w all again and fl and lcw twice, nothing special.

now days i only play in wars and rarely 10v10s, recently on rebelknightj (josh =]) because my accs stats still suck lol. im currently in lcw because lemon is the f**kin best =].


tl;dl= w27er, been in a lot of clans and have been cwing since cws opened.
and it goes like cwg -> cwo -> cwf -> c_w -> cwg -> cwf -> fl -> lcw -> c_w -> lcw
im such a clan hopper =[
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