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Your Cw History; Something to Read
Topic Started: April 26 2010, 04:32 AM (30,976 Views)

if i could really remember that far back... ummm (YA THIS IS LONG )

started playing in 42
people there were cena, montezuma, brian, rune guy, angelina69, yu kay, lee shani (*lol*), silvio, h3ll mage, lull spell

elite alliance used to have their events there, which taught me about cw clans
got declined from ea because the way they let people in is retarted like its a poll for every1 who applied that month, and people with most votes stay, and u can only vote once... soo ya leaders were krazie j, shev16, and duchess bron and chrsts sldr (was only in for about 2 months b4 he quit)

ea members i remember were
duchess bron
krayzie j
krazie j
atrods ant
chrsts sldr
hard time remmeber rest..

about 5 months in i forget who, but cw4fun's leader didnt have time so we merged with them which was going to be awesome for us!!!!!!! not.... we were suppose to have 20-25 new members instead we had about 5. 10000flames, lord julesco, demon slicer and some others i dont remember

was in there for liek 7 months then quit once i got warlord rank and like all the leaders quit, then i quit a week later and became an enemy of ea, i took angelina and angelito and a few others with me when i quit we all crashed ea's events spam cading or vsing them and actually winning.

a week later montezuma asked me to join cwf, got auto'd in cause brian knew me.
let a week later cause i got flamed by members (i was a fragile soul at the time)

i then joined 100p when it was a week old or so with some buddies angelito angelina, montezuma, 10000flames, demonslicer and others i dont remember

no idea what happened after that pretty much hopped around clans for about 2 years joining clans like...
mostly syciere's clans for a while cant rememebr any more theres liek 20 atleast.

i quit for few months

came back and world 42 was completely f'd (no offence)

people like queenrang3
jonathan l14
pker354 ( or something i dont remember name but he had .0 all the time)
i own u 4ev (pker's besty) when this char was a girl and lvl 90
cant remember anymore but spears got popular and they took advantage of that alootttt

skipping aheaddd...

applied for DCW, during my trial period, they couldnt pull enough for a war. I helped them out scoring, and i scored for them in the last few minutes to win the war against CWJ. I then got declined?? lmao um.. then Mannie asked me to join CWJ, i did was definately the best clan ever hands down. we were mostly all no-namers who had some mad skill :) we warred 100p in my 1st war with them , we lost but it was really close, so 100p recognized us more. we then faced uhh CWP i think and we won or lost i actually have no idea. we played FL which was the undefeated clan. We lost 1st game 3-0 won 2nd and they were laughing at us thinking we're a joke. we should of won 3rd game, but 1 min left fitbabe get froze on stairs to 3rd floor. he drops and shenron ips it and we tie.

CWJ started degrading after that, people wanted to join to get in on beating up on "namers" with us no namers. people like i fly high g, rekarte, and others, they ruined it.

CWJ i remember wass
sk8er here
gothik boy

(sorry if i left ur name out)

annd then i started to paly in world 6
they stack its fun bunch of lvl 100s who arent that good just flame alot... funnnn

thats pretty much the history after that is junk

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ea ftw
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