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Your Cw History; Something to Read
Topic Started: April 26 2010, 04:32 AM (31,269 Views)
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*Copied of 100P forums*

I started castle wars about 2-3 years ago.

First months I just used to pk, untill I met hockeyyyyyyy and jasmine. They teached me how to castle war and i used to play in world 6/18 for about a year.

Then Hockley invited me to join 100p, but I could only stay for a few weeks, because i had to quit rs for personal reasons.

Then i came back to runescape and saw some old friends online who re-introduced me back to castle wars, so i rejoined 100p.

After a few months a friend asked me to join cwl, so i joined cwl. I had regret of making that move and missed 100P, so I went back to 100P after only a few weeks.

*newly added part*

So a few months after I made that post 100P started going downhill. It was able to survive the first Lcw, but the 2nd remake was too much and 100P died.

Afterwards I was a bit dissapointed with how things went in 100P, so I didn't feel like joining a different clan for about 3 months. Then, instead of going with the flow and join lcw, I wanted to try something way different and joined Tcw. While it was never a succesful clan, I never felt like leaving, because the leader (Jimmy) was a really nice guy. We had 1 war, I believe with Cwt, which we lost and closed shortly afterwards.

Then I wanted to give Cwl another try, because it was one of the best clans at that time and I've always wanted to play with the likes of Teale, Fitbabe, etc before. But just like the first time it wouldn't really work out that great and I left Cwl after a few months.

I'm still unaware of the exact reason that I joined Ecw, but I suppose I wanted to try something different and join a clan that had lots of potential instead of one that is already on top. While many people seem to hate Ecw for reasons I'm still unaware off, I on the other hand love it. The constant 20+ people at events, without the raging/arguing is what reminds me the most of 100P and the reason why I never even thought of leaving just yet. It's been almost a year that I've been in Ecw now and haven't had regret joining them once.

That was my history. Hopefully I got my times correct !fish
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