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Your Cw History; Something to Read
Topic Started: April 26 2010, 04:32 AM (30,964 Views)
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duffman 420
April 27 2010, 10:08 AM
i played cw with people who pked me so i got mad then i learned to stack then i learned to flaghold then i learned to rock hop then i learned to xplo rocks and sit with flag killing noobs so i can win games and get free tix.
and i was lvl 50 n u sold me a d chain n then team jew was born
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August 26 2010, 03:52 PM
August 26 2010, 11:47 AM
First cwed when I was an ickle azn idk maybe around 2005-2006~ so i got membs at like lvl 80 then i would try score nd i wud die fs then i started noticing that it was always the same ppl killin me nd holdin flag so i started to take note of their actions.. chun was 1 of dem i hated him so much bak then somehow i whore'd my way to become one of them then there was lots of us just stacking zam on w23 this included: Ollie B7, Chun3312, Afro Thunde, Daddyorchips, Arctioa, Metalic Duck, Leronea, Geo Mc, Sir Von Ash, Benjy13 nd like loads of others which I cba to name, then sum of us started cw'ing in w6 wen it was still gud nd i remember Chong Yip back then l0l he was like lvl 106 nd a gerl wtf den soon after my first acc got perm muted so i made mi 'pure' (which is my acc atm) before balanced trading was put in i wud cw on my muted acc in w24 wen hockley would try recruit evry1 nd just stack den after i traded everything to my pure and my main got unmuted 2 days after fs then i quit cw for like a year to train my pure/decide if i was gonna cw again/get rich... then i decided to get def and cw again i was like lv 88 i think and themed worlds wer there so w23 died even tho we still had our gatherings then after i quit again to get my stats up and get even mor richer and this kept happening for like 2/3 years even tho im still like lvl 110 now fs then i found a home in w166 where i met Luvelle, Meg, Tej... Nicky, Sean ! nd some other ppl I can't remember sry ! then i quit again for college nd over summer i decided to play again and ya now i try skill and cw =]

this prob dun even make sense i notced the whole thing is 1 sentence !fish
dont worri i never cwed with u

ikr :facepalm:
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August 26 2010, 06:58 PM
Started out 4 years back in w 42 with my ***** Whitewolf647 brina 405 dat downie syciere raidar60 and jonathan l14.

Was just pking like any normal noob until i met raidar, he taught me how to actually cw, and after that i joined my first clan SE (Sara Elites).

I was playing on dialup so all i really could do was spam burst in wars l0l.

After that i got a better internet and started getting better.

I then joined xcw under the leadership of god--amen. (nuff said on that part)

Then i was asked to be high council in david d87s piece of s**t clan, i stupidly accepted and quit a week l8r cus i realized how fat and retarded that kid was.

Then i joined ecw the first day it opened. Stayed with them for a couple months then went and joined dl when they first open. (Could be the other way around correct me if im wrong)

Then i joined some other clans and other stuff blah blah blah.


i love eric.
u 4got cwh!
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