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Your Cw History; Something to Read
Topic Started: April 26 2010, 04:32 AM (31,230 Views)
White girl
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What the duck!

1st day of membership i cw'd and i likd it - 81cmb (1st Nov 2006)

Trained my cmb and alched to 70 magic in a month - 92 cmb

Cw'd everyday in w82 for 4 months and got 800 tickets and my 1st 10m (10 apr 2007)

Left w82 as this pervert (topgeeza) would stack against me if i didnt webcam an so i didnt and got forced to leave cos of his d**ksuckers (magic stance aka jess aka jordan's older brother)

Arrived in w24 and played there with a good group of people (only fitbabe left here) and stacked together and played flag games taunting people all the time (was best time in rs) and then the rs update of theme worlds commenced 13 August 2007 and so 100p (matt c**kly and his c**ksuckers (nasirNmelon) dominated the world stacking against the group and was a join us or lose situation so i left for w143

New group got my full set there (2900 tickets) and 1 day v_ctor was loafing in cw and trialed me scoring, went to a few cwg events and didnt like the banter so went back to my group.

April 2008 EA come to the world and play against us, got recruited and they were lovely so i joined, leaders had arma/zgs tht impressed me so i merchanted my 1st time from 15m - 82m for max magic defence in 25days. Few days later as i didnt enjoy the amount of mistakes in events and it closed a few days later =[ but on a high as they beat cwh.

Joined Cwp before that war and started to play more serious, warring 100p/flaming cwh every day was epic entertainment. Learned alot, was loyal and started to go to cwc events. Played in every war i could make was just an ip like gao but was worth it, then duff went on to drugs and quit so i quit, cwp is nothing without duff.
Went to Cwt as i used to multi events with er/cwt/cwp and was the best clan i ever been in until i went on holidays and it closed ... so i quit rs for 8 months come back 1st of nov 2009 when cwt re-opened, wasnt the same clan as before so i stayed clanless and crashed most weekly wars for fun. Rejoined cwt for a while, then back to cwp that duff re-opened, played there for a while to boost it up, but it was a clan of ***s so i crashed and left to become an inactice cw'er.

Since then i come online to talk to good friends on irc and look at the gossip on cwc like pete :hello:
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