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To think he couldn't be any stupider; .......
Topic Started: June 26 2009, 05:07 PM (1,761 Views)
dark rage128
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(13:04:49) <David_D87> l0l
(13:04:51) <David_D87> wat hapend to ur clan
(13:04:56) <David_D87> u laf at mine but it lasted longer den urs
(13:05:04) <^Michael^> ???? rofl
(13:05:12) <^Michael^> to think you couldn't get any stupider
(13:05:18) <David_D87> and ours
(13:05:20) <David_D87> was alot beter
(13:05:21) <David_D87> then lcw
(13:05:27) <David_D87> we atleast tied c_W
(13:05:56) <David_D87> l0ll0l00l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0 i knew lcw wouldnt last
(13:06:01) <David_D87> now u guys cant go bak to 100pcw
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dark rage128
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Jun 26 2009, 12:34 PM
how does that make him stupid? even though ucw sucked

you don't understand this kid flames me constantly for retarded shit saying lcw sucks lcw gonna die and shit and then tries to flame me but fails at it because everything he says to be is contradicted by himself.

if someone with leadership access go look naruto made a closing thread on ucw like 3 weeks before we even closed which makes him stupid then he goes and say hahah lcw lost to cw and ucw tied against cw which is stupid because almost every war ucw has is not even close to being legit (not finished with ucw just ditching after they lose a game)
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dark rage128
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he was right that his clan lasted longer than yours...,

If you didn't know ecw opened right after ucw died, ecw had 2 wars before lcw died, go do your homework or stfu cuz your looking dumber than he is. And again, a sucky portion? if i picked on people just cuz of a little thing i hate about them then i would be making 10 of these topics. This kid annoys the hell out of me, he literally thinks hes a god at cwars. He flames me after we lose a war to cwf even though he wasn't part of it and says that we suck, and then comes and talks shit about us losing to cw even though 3/4ths of ucw's war wasn't even finished.
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dark rage128
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Sir Tenure
Jun 26 2009, 05:00 PM
who cares what dead clan was better then another dead clan. If it didn't survive then why does it matter.

rip cwdynasty *cries for a dead clan i was a dumb leader for*

exactly thats the point of this, i wouldn't have to waste 5 mins of time doing this if this retard don't come on daily to flame me and sounding like a retard.
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