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CwL (New One)
Topic Started: October 8 2008, 12:38 AM (3,084 Views)
Future Hall of Famer

Skaterke666's story from the begging of CWL:

a lil history of how i started w cwl:

long time ago, i cwt everyday w de jong and captain bp (u might remember them  ), and well captain and i were thinking of starting a clan, first we wanted to make a 10 memb only clan and have irc as clanforum, but the irc just didn't worked...

then me and captain started to think bigger and were planning to make a forum, we had some ideas etc. and some pages of forum were made allready, when captain moved in w his girlfriend and had to change job so he was short on time and didn't wanted to become an inactive leader..

so i was kinda left alone.., for several weeks i gaved up my "dream" being a leader of a cw clan, until an old pk firend logged in, and i know he was able to make forums too so i asked him, his name was soliver, and he wanted to make a forum for me, and cwl was born!! 

after the forum was made i asked de jong and unbeaten to become the sub mods, (de jong wasn't active at all as sub mod so he becamed a normal member quite fast) after them like 10 people who i allready knew joined the clan

most of those 10 left know i think only piece is in this clan from at the beginning without leaving for a period (com did for about 2 months)

when unbeaten left the clan it was kinda hard to keep cwl going by myself and thats when comoroo becamed sub mod and goodfella an event co leader, goodfella left and comoroo kinda dissapeared

so evantually piece of god becamed sub mod and wayman is Leader

so know u all know who helped me to build cwl and how i started w cwl

Piece Of god's story:

Ye I'm lucky number 7 member 

Here is how I got into CWL, 1 day, I was playin cw and was hopping around the worlds, I went into wrld 78 1st and was playin with some 120s, bout 5 of 'em, and I've won 3 games in a row and they started calling me noob etc...

Then I changed to wrld 99, and was playing against Skater, Unbeaten, Comoroo and Captin Bp, surly I was loosing, but then Como and Sk8r came up to me and asked me if I'd like to join a Cw clan, I wasnt sure bout doin it, 'cause I neva been in any clan, but I had been offerd to join to CWO (while it existed), by Davy Baby880, I went to their forums registered and everything but never posted an appy.

So, Sk8r was tellin me that it was a new clan, that just started few days ago, and thought to myself: "maybe I should give it a try" and I did. And I ended up being on CWL. I messed up my appy, by posting into Comoroo's appy 1st. Then Sk8r told wat I should do and then I was accepted to CWL. 

Helbovie's story:

I used to cw a TON! trying to get 800 tickets in world 99 especially with Comoroo and sometimes Unbeaten. Comoroo told me about cwl one day after i reached 100 combat but I could not get to the site for some reason. In 2 or so days I was cwing and I saw Goodfella, whom I had seen a few times while fishing (along with manc  )... wow i see a lot of people from cwl at random places. anyway that day Goodfella added me and after about 2 or 3 games he was like "your good, you should join cwl" and i said yes, comoroo told me about it i just couldn't get to the site. He told me the site again and I was finally able to get on and apply 

untill i joined i did not know how many friends i had in cwl... then people that i knew started to leave  but that's life and we got new members and most are my friends

Wayman91's story:

i remember it like yesterday tbh, i was maging black dragons and i get a pm from sman25000 "hey join cwl bla bla bla"...but i wasent 100 cb and 70 ranged so i couldnt even apply, that made me a little mad, after a couple of months trying to come to cwl events i finally could come one friday to w71 cwing with you, i went into sara and i played with them that event but after that i putted it as a goal to reach 100 cb and try to join cwl, when i was combat 89, i added skaterke666 himself, i was really scared to talk to him (lol), idk why, but yeah, i got my 70 ranged and bought my karils and i was 95 combat at this point, after a month (yeah was really lazy), i reached 100cb, made apply and got accepted, bought mage book same day  , after being in cwl for a couple months, i get a pm from skaterke666 one friday asking me if i wanna become event co leader, i accepted it, was very happy, been playing around since then arranged my first was couple days ago and won it (woot!, gj)

Additional info:

CWL was Created by couple of friends who liked to cw in w99 and since it wus made there, w99 wuz the home wrld for CWL at 1st, but then after recruiting many ppl from w71, and due to them laggin in w99, CWL's home wrld wuz changed into w71.

At the begging CWL wuz intended to be a smaller clan than it is now. At the begging we all agreed that CWL we'll have no more than 20 members, but then alot of friends started recruiting gud ppl and then it went to todai's present limit of 35 members.

Shortly after (about 3 month) CWL's creation, Gozu comes bak and says he wants his name bak, surly when CWL wuz created Skater didnt kno that there wuz a CWL befo alredy, but Unbeaten went wit this problem on CWC and asked if either we keep our name as it is or change it. As it wuz decided we kept the name, and Gozu dispite all this created CWL again. As we later find out he started adding some random ppl into his list and after bout 5 month Gozu's CWL broke up again and us being only CWL became more bonded wit CWC forums.

Now CWL being succesfully runed by Skaterke666 and Wayman91, wit moderating help of Helbovie, Drumgun and myself. Also a huge thank to Danny (AKA Jansolo1), who has done a tromendous job on CWL forums and improved it by ALOT, and who still is part of our family, and our graphics coordinator, despite lockage of his acc. :wub:

Well I think that a brief story, hope u all enjoy reading  ;)

hi i thought i'd edit my bit in

i been in cwl for a while now cant remember since when, i used to cw with friends on w79 (my old homeworld, no cwers play there tho), this was back when w71 was still active and ppl still cwed there

anyway 1 day i was cwin solo and pked wrath hopped looking for an empty world, i played with him and sometimes ambie ginger for a few days, had never seen anything like it, even 2 this day i never met anyone as good as him. anyway eventually i got him 2 add me, we became friends, an 1 nite he said i gotta go clan event so i asked if i could come

this was when i still wore like glory torags legs and torso to cw, at that time i was influenced by carkid1010 who showed me flag holding places i'd never seen or thought of before

anyway i went to cwl event, had about 1.2k tickets then so met the old requirement, applied an got in

an now here we are some months later, still managed to stay small (having to decline countless applications when cwe and other clans died), cwl the only cw clan ive ever been in and i intend 2 keep it that way

ok thats mine

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Future Hall of Famer

January 22 2011, 07:54 PM
I liked cwl with my gud m8s master babe.

Edit: Also when ppl like Skaterke and jayme were active :)
then that selfish ignorant leader took over right
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