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Topic Started: October 8 2008, 12:35 AM (876 Views)
Future Hall of Famer

duffles post-----------------------------------------------

Well ill start it off like this… the beginning of  CWP .

Around three years ago I used to cw with a group of friends diabloloco5, witchwoman5, styknia, icomeinpeac3, and myself duffman 420. We just used to play together us all being  like 110. And  would just fool around on 70. I made friends with quite a few people but around and just play for wins before any of us could ancient =p 
At around june of 2006 I had left because a good friend scammed me of my green mask which was all I had and I left to play a game called flyff (ya its gay).

I came back to runescape at febuaray of 2007 and found that 70 had been taken over by two clans kyac and tman a 1’s clan. Stryknia which kept me added through my entire absence got together and we continued to play verses those groups alone. Met many new enemies including lebronjamezz and others o.O

We switched worlds and met some cool new people  deaddude722,  aelah, and s m a c k 69. We played mainly on worlds 9 and 110 for the longest time while still fighting stacked teams on 70. We met some others who helped us and became good friends including spoonskill, dragon5312 , partouche ,jermu white ,  and karvanoppa55. We built a small group just to fight the stackers on 70 and our biggest rival was a noob named tman a 1 who we all gather together if we saw him playing cw lol.

Then for the longest time we went back to world 9 to play every day and managed to win verses cwg when it was their old world and whoop their booties. I was coaxed by aelah to join ze and I was denied my first time… yeah  sad tbh but it was until I met a 113 noob named sir tenure that allowed me to join I brought my team of friends into ze as I joined and we were with them for  about two wars which was a month and a half of time…  and  didn’t do much with them… during that time I spent my time getting my combat up.  When I started cwing again I ran into an old friend by the name of force x9 and we spent like 3 weeks cwing and getting good while training still.

I spoke with red sonya for the longest time to set up a training system which they still use I think for one on one training with their members to teach simple things like defending and cade placement and such. Right as the team training started up my friend sir tenure had quit ze so he and I had a long talk with him on what he will be doing since he isnt in a clan, he dumb excuse was skilling but that soon changed =p

Withen two weeked of me speaking with tenure and force x9 the early cwp was formed which included members from ze and unknowns from world 70 such as lebronjamezz, mochoman340, avalon22, kingslayer28, stinkweed1, partouche, spoonskill, darkdiablo9b, demonslaye72, jerre1984, lightmagevic, runelegend11, karvanoppa55, jermu white, mikeyboy909, inflames39, deaddude772, and s m a c k 69 to list who were the original starting members it was led by force x9 sir tenure and myself.

Cwp didn’t even have a name we were just friends cwing and forming a clan we managed to while we were starting up to play against clans and noticed we were good enough to win verses people from cwf and cwg… so we started to take it seriously instead of just a project and I had resigned from ze at that time.  August 2nd being our official start date as a clan.

Once we had became established and had both our runehead and irc channel set up the flaming from both avenged kg kgold6 and lonelyloser3 had just began…  for us being so new we werent accepting wars until we had become more organized and both lonely and avenged took it as their job to flame us for not warring clans saying we were scarred. so it took us a long time dealing with groups coming due to kgold6 sending people to 70 to take us out because we stacked our own world, but yet that had just made us stronger after losing for awhile we had just began to win proving something was going on withen our small clan.

After our first month as a clan we had applied to other clans for wars such as cwa cwl and team gao, cwa was supposed to be out first war and they had disbanded the day before our war, cwl had a war set up with us but just never decided to come, and team gao disbanded the day before our war aswell.

We had becom friends with a clan called boj and became friends/allies and we would practice versing eachother and having fun.
Our first official clan war was with boj leading to our win which wasn’t  to their likeing and ended our alliance with a huge flame match between myself imstumped now and pawfoots.

Well that is our history and how we had first started need it be a boring long and poorly phrased document because I writing this at 4 am.

spoonies post------------------------------------------------

what i learned in boating school was duff ran into me in fally after not seeing me in like 2 years and flamed me for like an hour then became my besterest friend. then we started cwin with a few friends and owned every world we went to and would constantly be asked if we're a clan so eventually we became one with the leetest founding members you could ask for. then i was kicked from the clan like 120938262436 times for being an asshole to anyone and everyone around me and let back in cause im extra cool.

Forcie's post. ;D--------------------------------------------------------------------------

I knew Duff from waaaay back when I was still level 90-odd with a d hally just running around fighting people for XP rather than actually winning the games. Back in the days where if you lost the flag, the game was over with people just cading themselves next to the bandage table in the supply room. Back when if someone had ice burst, you were fucked, and before too long, if you saw a whip, you ran for your life. Most of the times, you would never see any 120+ on W70 CW, so being a level 90 was pretty high throughout most of the day. Lots of tactics in CW changed, the layouts changed, levels changed, and people came to and left the world over the years before Duff came back to 70 and got me to start playing to win.

After working on the scoring routine a bit, Duff and Tenure got me into ZE, despite not meeting any of the actual level requirements and introduced me to the world of CW Drama with crashers, spammers, flamers, and noobs all-around. After a while of growing bored of sitting on the losing side and following people around who didn't know what they were doing, Duff brought up the part of making a new, separate clan and we started our work with managing the eternal headaches known as IRC, while working on a starter site and member lists. And after tons of drama about hackers, crashers, flamers, and fights within the clan as well as outside of it, here we are today. Steadily building up both our strength and skill, achieving what was planned from the beginning little by little each day.


Sir Tenure's post u know

Took me a while to make this, not even in cwp anymore, lol

Also just ignore all the grammar errors

The backstory:

I was in Ze, ya thats right Ze, and we were having internal problems mainly because of flamming from almost every other cw clan.  The clan was falling apart with active members becoming increasingly upset with management and being stacked every game.  Red was lossing his cool, he had serious real life issues at the time, and was getting alot of heat from the old cwc forums. 

The End:

Red Closed Ze when mixy posted a photo of him, of course the rest of the active members(about 20) would not let him including me, bear, cre, betty, and a few others.  The clan went on, however red and bear fell back as active leaders and we were left with no active leaders.  So a few people stepped up: deb jane, moonbeam, tomo, and I kicked activities in full throtle.  We all did a great job, recruiting new members, creating alliences with other non-cw clans, getting members active, satisfying members,  making multi-clan events, and extending our horizons into other events not taken before.  All seemed to be going well, until i created an event called MEGA WAR, and the inactive leaders came back and felt like changing all the details of it :angry:  From there a few other issues came up, and i decided to step away from ze instead of creating more problems.

The new start:

I intially chose to start skilling again as i did before i entered ze, however a big noob kept bugging me to create another cw clan.  It took me a while before i agreed, and i needed to make sure ze would be fine without me as co-leader.  After i took care of a few loose ends,  Duff and i began working on the details. I believe it took us a couple weeks to come up with a name, Duff came up with it, i preferred something like Kings of Castle Wars or anything with cw after the first word. 

Even though i new all about the workings of cw, Duff was fairly new to the cw community, lucky he was a fast learner.  We came up positions, and decided on council.  The start was tough going but we both knew it would work out well.  I had Inflames as my righthand man, and Duff had Force.  Our members changed every day, with most never being in a cw clan.  At first it was more like a group of people who cwe'd together instead of an organized clan.

Original sites
Forces site:
The 2nd site:


The Flame:

The clan had officially begun, and before we could think of a name i was being flamed daily by my old Ze mates.  Scum, nubcake, traitor, a$$, and all the other goodies were being pmed to me almost hourly from ppl i had all helped in 1 way or another. Sadly red had spun my departure and creating cwp to piss other ze members off.  Also since i made sure most cw clans new about the highly anticipated mega war, i was critized saying i was trying to ruin the event i made, lol wtf. Its sad how ppl change just because of clans.

Ze wasn't the only to flame, it seemed many people didn't like Duff.  I had many conversations changing opinions about issues people had with him.  Also as soon as some ppl realized i was once co leader of ze they would decide to carry over thier hatred for ze over to cwp.  Not sure why but i guess it made them feel good?

Good Times:

We had a good amount of active members, and weekly events.  Our council was working on thier own without me or duff.  We had no shortage of clans wishing to war us, and our new members were rapidly learning to increase thier cw skillz.  There was also no problem recruiting members, thanks to duff being a great recruiter.

Coming to the end:

My business was becoming more the a 40hr week job, i was there nearly 12 hrs every day, including weekends.  I had to take time off and had duff take me off the memberlist.  It was hard not being able to come home and cw =(. 

After my busy quarter was over, i went back to cwp, however i noticed a few things different.  I tried to work with duff on the problems other clans were profoundly telling me they had with the cwp i came back to.  Unfortunatly duff had now surrounded himself with his closest freinds or yes men,  Now cwp had 6 leaders and 6 councils, wtf?  Again i tried to leave on good terms, but not always so easy.  Its kewl though i have no beef with duff or any cwp.

I could say more but it would all be bad from here lol.

Hope you enjoyed my pointless writings

Duff dont edit or delete my part or i powerabuse  ;)
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Sir Tenure
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All i have in this world is my balls and my word, and i don't break them for no one

guise i made this clan
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the font color make it hard to read :(
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White girl
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What the duck!™

Robin 48
Oct 8 2008, 03:24 AM
the font color make it hard to read :(

Go 2 specsavers ;)
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duffman 420
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I'm simply the best.

Sir Tenure
Oct 7 2008, 10:15 PM
guise i made this clan

Lookin for cw vids? check out : http://www.youtube.com/user/duffman42o

fight my brutes at :

i flame
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guise this clan is gr8
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Kev i n

i dont get it
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Future Hall of Famer

Close this they lost to Z4L, what a joke
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this clan is the best
This twisted wretched place shadowed by the utmost darks of hell
In dreams of black beyond the bounds of a withered witch's spell
Where the doors surely are locked when the sun threatens to wane
Where shamblers dwell in dim moon light beyond the warmth of day
Liars line the roads at dawn
Watchful eyes are upon you held
Sacred weapons to the sacred revealed to be unleashed upon the council of hell
Blood flows down the streets at night where wolves cry out for flesh
Where a horrible curse taints the woodlands nearby with the forms of the walking dead
Unholy inversion of hope twisting the faith of the meek into hate
Driven insane by the dark one to bring fourth the foul biddings he speaks
The undead are among us at dawn they shrink back to their silken beds
They dance by night and drink the blood of a child's broken neck
His spires are growing taller still their shadows spreading throughout the land freeing the evils that sleep within the weaker minds of man
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