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Castle Wars Crew
Topic Started: October 8 2008, 12:33 AM (1,447 Views)
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Yeah. Castle Wars Crew was the first cw clan that I ever lead. It was the clan that sparked from w65 and was made to go against this noob named Mastergsmoke that used to bring his friends there every-so-often to stack against us and then he "tried" to make fun of us in the lobby lol. We had already been playing there for a while but then we started the CWC for a little more organization.

We got the name "Castle Wars Crew" from Ice's old cw team that they called themselves when him and his friends played on w18 and w66 back in the day. Lmfao, and I just remembered. One of the things that totally set us apart from everyone else was that we didn't allow protect prayers unless the other person was prayer on you first or it was a war, this sounds totally stupid now but back then not anywhere near as many people mages and games weren't as "hard" as they are now. This rule was taken away though around 4 or 5 months after the clan was opened.

The original leaders of CWC were was Saiathegreat and me. Then the council members were Ice__Dr4g0n, Rainbowalkr, Legolas Arav and Chrono_103. Some of the original members were Motomangum3, Gasfreak, Kuramarhs, Rune700, Rip Kev, Xplosive666, Burnkate, Shortna, Darkenth, Cosmo_Kan, 8_oblivion_8, Byob118, Tazman71, Tomcat789, Rosco74, Lil_Azn_2o6, 99aza99 and Nazty Nate.

CWC was a fairly good clan I think, since at the time I had absolutely no reputation at all in the community and I didn't know anyone from any of the other bigger worlds, I think we did pretty good.

CWC didn't have very many wars. Our very first war was against SF, Shadowed Forces, lead by Cloudstri101 and Metalic_Max. A 10vs10(I think) which ended in a tie. The second war was against S4L, which we lost because Fed_Slayer, a council from S4L, spied the third game, S4L didn't know about him doing it at the time, but still claimed victory. The third war was a "miniwar" with cwo, which ended up being a 12vs12 which CWC lost. And the fourth war against CWZU, which CWC won.

Shortly after starting the clan we immediately ran into trouble. Some of the council and more well-known members were unhappy with the way things were done and we decided to have a "full-council" setup, with all of us being council instead of having any leaders. After that, we had a series of arguments which resulted in Saia and a few other council leaving the clan.

Saia didn't join it, but Byob118, Chrono_103 and Jeffrey13 created a clan called "Castle Wars Elites", which has nothing to do with the CWE of today, just to spite us and try to steal members. Well lol, it didn't work and soon a few of them came back after I got some new council to help me run the clan.

But, this also didn't last too long. It ended up that the council I had didn't have the leadership it took to keep the members active and playing cwars. Tired of not having help and feeling the clan wasn't going anywhere, I left it to join CWG. Which I made their forums, the same forums they still have today, as a gift to the clan for letting me join. I left CWC on November 19th of 2006 and joined CWG on the same day.

After I left CWC, Squeezle_Bee, one of the people I made council, took over. Along with Kuramarhs and Gasfreak. Saia also came back a few weeks after I left, but they never really did anything.

CWC opened on July 31st of 2006 and closed on May 26th of 2007.
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