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Topic Started: October 8 2008, 12:32 AM (561 Views)
Future Hall of Famer

The birth of Cwd was started 2 months after Cwa fell. Ethan (R0p3s)
leader of cwa asked a Dark rage128 now in 3gcw to start a clan (cwd)

Dark rage128 along with Sinisterjatt was the leaders of cwd with r0p3s,
me,and bigdyl14 leading as high council.  Our first practice was fun with most members showing up but after a while we were challenged by
cwfw(castle wars forsaken warriors). this was a big disappointment becuz they challenged us 2 weeks after declaring war on us and on 3 days before our first war they disbanded. weeks went by without anyone challenging us so i decided to go look for wars myself. i went thorugh many irc channels and no clan thought we were a worthy opponent. After a while we were challenged by spear unit led by durza51(God Spearer). The day before the su war we went to world 82 for practice (when there was hardly any cw pkers). Cwp was there stacked agaisnt ze and cwg. ze flammed cwp for calling another clan to ruin there games so they challenged us to a war after our practice.
we had 10 people at practice but many showed up for the war. cwp stacked sara with there members and we were outnumbered by 10 people so we called people like chilledchill,dragon5312,josh3446 and some other cwers. we owned cwp with the score ending cwd:4 cwp:1
at the end we were getting flammed by cwp becuz they didn't like losin
after winning duffman pmed me and said that it was a unofficial war do to the fact that both clan had crashers there.(there u go duff)
we were pretty bummed becuz it was a unofficial war. but the next war
was with su. we were doing pretty good and won but durza had screenies of a cade spammer which was a friend of david d87 (member of cwd) he was suspended for 2 weeks meaning no warring.
i was promoted to leader and sinsisterjatt got lazy and started being a bum and did nothing. our practices were starting to become boring becuz barely any members came so dark rage128 started giving out weekly prizes to best members and after 3 weeks he gave away rares
he gave away over 40m cash 5m in runes infinity hat.  after 2 week cwl challenged us to a capped war 15 vs 15.  all of our members showed up and when the war started we had 2 cade spammers and cwl had crashers and extra members. after the war we were discouraged and
thought about closing cwd becuz all of our wars were always crashed by
somebody which meant more losses for us. dark rage128 got tired of leading and wanted to just play the game without having all the stress
that came with leading. dark stepped down to high council and i took leaders posistion. after a week me and dark talked about closing cwd
until we thought we had the time to reopen it. we had a rematch with su and i talked to durza about merging the clan. this caused a problem
because we merged with su to become a real cwars clan. half of cwd went to cwv with kevin and chilledchill. durza kicked the multiclanners.
the war with su was our last before merging we did well and ended the game with a draw (dark rage128 the defence leader wasn't there so most of our members didn't show up) after merging with su it started becoming a joke with durzas members screwing around and not taking it serious. me and dark quit su and su soon closed.

well thats our history i know i had alot of imcomplete sentences but fuck it.

after a while l8ter r0p3s and josh3446 formed 3g which most of cwd members joined

su was the clan i respected the most out of the wars becuz they didn't flame or have crashers
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