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Saradomin 4 Life
Topic Started: October 8 2008, 12:31 AM (1,916 Views)
ZE Founder

October 8 2008, 12:31 AM

We also had a Big Scrimmage  against Zammy Elites, and there was some small crashing on both sides, but everyone was mainly up on the wall, i think because people wanted to see what these two "new" teams were like, we did fairly well against Zammy Elites and won..then we made the HUGE mistake to ally with them and we ended up backing out at the last minute of helping them because red sonya was a big baby and didn't want to go into the sara portal..so we decided to stay on our own...we never warred cwg, it's not because we were scared(although looking back, we prolly would have lost) but because we hated vic and teb back then, and we weren't giving them the satisfaction to be in the same world as us..

we scrimmed a few more smaller clan, then it was decided we didn't want to lead a clan anymore(plus there was some stuff behind closed doors), too much work and that's when s4l pretty much closed down..

So this is my story and i'm sticking to it B)
[/quote]Actually she "G" is pretty close to the history of ZE, CWG CWO & S4L but it is also "her version" seen through her eyes.

The reason I refused to go into the Saradomin portal was Teb and Vic had the entire CWG team already "set up" with cades & explosives "back then you could log out and in with it still in your inv" after logging so they would have the crucial huge advantage.

Obviously I asked them to dump their cades and flip for portals if they truly wanted to be fair about waring us.
They refused and gave us ONE option, either go into Blue Portal or forfeit.
They also knew us being "Zammy Origin Theme" only practiced on the Zamorak side, and never practiced on the sara side, again giving them another advantage. Ask yourself honestly...What would you do if you were the leader at that time?
No way was I about to allow them to cheat and get away with it, thus I called off the war. They went in with some S4L peeps and claimed a false win over ZE. Thus started the epic hatred for each other. Sure Mixed has her own version to tell, and we also had a huge falling out, but we are all human and make and made mistakes.

If ZE and CWG would of had that war that day, I think that would of been the largest war in the history of CW. ZE had over 175 people there, as did CWG.

That was really the main hatred between ZE and CWG, that and we wouldn't let Ultima2 join ZE and he went ballistic on us and joined CWG 2 days later.

ZE beat CWO just a week prior to the war date with CWG. metalic max and I were friends and he was really a cool guy, and miss playing with him, if any castle war clan was ever deemed the overall best, id vote for them, as they were truly an honest clan.
There was no doubt CWG was the favorite as they were really better at Castle wars than we were because we just started.
Those were some cool times. Maybe even the world "Flame bait" originated at that time as well...lol
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ZE Founder

You are what Dillen?
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ZE Founder

Watcha been up to Mixed?

Pm meh sometime.
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