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Thanks for the suggestions, but the problem is that this is a community board and that means there are a lot of people with different opinions and interests. If I change something to the way you like it the chance's that someone else would dislike it are very high looking at 170 registered members already.

As you clearly can see there were a few people whom didn't like those skins you suggested so that concludes that no matter what I change or to what I change it to someone is going to like/dislike it. But this of course doesn't mean I'm not going to change anything at all, I've already taken those things people pointed out into consideration and am going to change then very soon. A few such as the forum markers and the legend colors have already been changed after hearing people's opinion.

Right now I'm focusing on making the white areas a little bit darker so it's more pleasant to the majority.


And the reply to Videogamers0, pretty much the same theory as the skin, the forum you may see as unnecessary may be useful in someone else's eyes.
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