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Oct 9 2008, 12:46 AM
CWC didn't have very many wars. Our very first war was against SF, Shadowed Forces, lead by Cloudstri101 and Metalic_Max. A 10vs10(I think) which ended in a tie. The second war was against S4L, which we lost because Fed_Slayer, a council from S4L, spied the third game, S4L didn't know about him doing it at the time, but still claimed victory. The third war was a "miniwar" with cwo, which ended up being a 12vs12 which CWC lost.

It only ended in a tie because I scored for SF when i was pissed at Draco lmao. !hidraco

Draco never origionally made CWC. It was made by Saia Jeff Chrono. Draco did exactly the same to CWC what hwe did to CWG. Said the forums were shit, made new forums, gave himself admin and then gave himself leader (See a patern?)
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