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"Saia didn't join it, but Byob118, Chrono_103 and Jeffrey13 created a clan called "Castle Wars Elites", which has nothing to do with the CWE of today, just to spite us and try to steal members. Well lol, it didn't work and soon a few of them came back after I got some new council to help me run the clan.

I think you'll find all of your good players came with us, for exactly the same reason that your cwc is now gone. Because your a power whore. The only point we went back if you noticed, was when you fucked off to cwg. All you ever did in CWC was sit there at the wall cybering some ugly e-slut (Points at Nic's sig) while everyone else did everything for you. The only thing I ever saw you do in w65 was Pk, You got your rep from sponging off Ice and moto, no other reason, and I think everyone here probably knows that now.
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