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Rl name - Josh.

Hi im 15 and from Manchester England, i play lots of sport including cricket, tennis and football, football which i also love to watch. (soccer for you yanks)

CW History:

Have played rs for about 3 years now, but from about 2 years ago i started cwing.
About 2 years ago i use to just play games in world 60, but around about November 2006 Matt Hockley recruited me for CDU which was my first clan, lead by Danqazlmp, Matt Hockley and Armadillo48.

Around about Febuary 2007, i left CDU for CWV as i was an ass back then. Avenged_Kg recruited me for CWV where i met cwers such as Raiderej and Dragon5312 aswell as Jattonfire, i dont think jatt was in it but he seemed to crash events alot.

CWV was a suck ass clan, it was really terrible but it had some really good people in it who were a laugh such as Nickm 1223 who i think has quit now and again, dragon. I stayed in CWV untill around June 2007, where i joined CWA. CWA was led by Dragon5312, R0p3s, Nickm 1223 and Raiderej, they wernt all leaders some were council but i cant remember. CWA were an average clan but it was short lived as after around 4 wars which we won R0p3s was wrongly accused off something he didnt do and the clan split up around September 2007.

After this i went back to CWV where i met the cw god Enzo 350z, or as he called himself. Because of this aswell as CWV had changed alot, not only now did it suck but it was made up of retards, so a few weeks later i ditched again and followed Dragon5312 to Crusade Warriors.
C_W was probably the best clan id been in up to now but around November 2007 i ditched as i got bored and yet again rejoined CWV, i remember CWG beating CWV and Enzo saying we lost because noone would help him score or something like that, which was a load of shit as he lost the flag 3 mins into the game. Because of this, in late December 2007 i decided to make my own clan, along with R0p3s.

3rd Generation CW was born!

3G_CW lasted from about 28th December 2007 - 14th April 2008 or something like that, our first war was against CWT as a 15 vs 15 however this was badly crashed with all the crashers joining CWT (hi G) 3G did really well to say they had to contend with around 15 scorers in with our 7 man def and it ended 2-1 to crashers as no points were scored by CWT.

I then decided we needed a morale boost so i warred the worst clan i could find, no offense. CWS, i think we beat them 5-0 but i havn't got a video of it sorry.

Me and R0p3s then wanted to war lesser clans to get some wins on the board before we decided to start challenging CWG, CWF and 100P to 15v15's. We gained some pretty good members who were no namers at the time ( no offense Dark Rage128, Bigdyl14) but we also gained Jakev08 who was a gr8 scorer.

Our next war saw us face X59 Legends, or as you may know them CWJ, they actually challenged us cause me and Dark Akuma23 beat them stacking in their world.

The war was 15v15 or 20 v 20 i cant remember 3G won 5-0 and CWJ only wanted 1 game.

We then warred CWD who again actually challenged us they stalled us 1 hour so we only had time for a 1 game war. Our offense was pretty good for this war as we started to gain better members as Midi45 joined.
We won 5-0 and then decided we needed a bit more competition, this was a 20 vs 20:

Our next war was against CWK, who i thought would be slightly better but i was wrong, no offense Lemon1333 :\
The war ended 3-0 4-0 i think so we decided our next war would be CWE, a step below "the big 3" >_>

The CWE war started off alright, the first game it was only crashed by 2 people who played for CWE, 13Fighter and Mmmongo the game ended 0-0. So we hopped, however the second game was crashed ludacrisly with crashers on both teams this game ended 5-0 to 3G and the crashers, because of this, and because only 1 or 2 point were scored by 3G membs, we offered CWE a draw.

It all went downhill from there, just as i planned to war "The big 3" in capped everyone got sick of wars getting crashed and left, which left our defence which was pretty good with a big loop hole.

After we shut 3G down i went clanless for a while, when i then briefly joined CWL for about 3 weeks as i enjoyed their capped wars they got, however with most ex 3G membs joining 100P i decided to join 100p in July 2008 , which is where i am today.

Oh thanks, thats my introduction and CW History.
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