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It was Fall of 2006 when SF (Shadowed Fury) was created. Metalic Max and I, together with the help of our friends from world 9 sparked the beginning of one of the greatest CW super power in RuneScape history.

... Ok, maybe it wasn't THAT great, seeing we lost pretty much every single war we went to with the exception of a draw against Castle Wars Crew. At this time, we were still a small clan and were relatively new to the concept of CW clans. Most of the clan consisted of our closest friends in world 9 including; 80cent, Jasminepower, Airhead312, Koddo1, Ex0tic4, Pandora Cat1, Shark 165, Davy Baby880, Elfen__Lied and some other people - sorry if I missed anyone. We tried our best to recruit any potential CW players we see, but despite our hard efforts, we couldn't really sustain activeness due to shortage of members and motivation. It wasn't until Ido of Hell, a close friend of 80cent, joined and changed everything.

Ido was good with forums as he had managed TD's boards (PKing clan) in the past. Not only that, he was an expert at leading as well. So it was only reasonable to promote him as the third leader of SF. At this point, the current leaders were; Cloudstri101, Metalic Max, and Ido of Hell.

Naturally, we attracted more people who are willing to join but at the same time we lost some good members. However, during this time, I took a one-month break and left without saying a word. Max and Ido did an amazing job within that one month. Although I can't exactly explain what they did, seeing I wasn't there but without them, CWO would have never been created.

Castle Wars Organization (although we weren't really organized but hey, at least we got a name >_>) was what it stood for. I don't take credit for creating CWO as it was Max and Ido who did all the work while I was gone and I must say, it was a hell lot better than SF.

Hereafter, we became relatively well known within the CW clan world and attracted some of the finest players in RuneScape. Most of our members came from clans that had already disbanded, such as CWC and the first CWG. Lonelyloser3 help created our IRC channel and joined the clan soon after. Our councils were; Xplosive666, Davy Baby880, Koddo1, Airhead312, and Ex0tic4.

At this point, CWO was at the peak of its power even though our war record wasn't that great, having consecutive losses and defeats. But who cares about winning, it's about having fun right? Right?! Eh, at least CWO's record wasn't as bad as SF..

A whole bunch of stuff happened later but I'm too lazy to list them all so if any ex-CWO views this, feel free to fill it in >_>

So it dragged on for months until Summer of 2007 where CWO met its decline. Ido was active but he had no motivation to lead or play CW. Max was semi-active and I was on summer vacation. The last war I ever attended was against CWM, in which we won by a good margin. Again, I left without saying a word which I regret because we had a war against CWF the following week. I still remember getting a phone call from a certain someone telling me to get on for the war :rolleyes: lol. Though, I do feel bad that I abandoned my clan when it needed me most..

Before I went away, I left Nbaballer605 and Airhead312 in charge of leading CWO. They did an outstanding job but unfortunately they eventually got tired of the inactiveness and left. Max, being the only leader remaining decides to close CWO. Our last war was with CWF, in which we lost.

Once CWO closed, the remaining members all went their separate ways, dispersing into different clans. Some went clanless, some joined new clans, some quit.

We may not be the best CW clan in RuneScape, but we established some things that are worth mention and being known generally as one of the friendliest clan all around.

At least, that's what I think.


Metalic Max's:

MY HISTORY OF CWO since cloud makes us sound like were not gud at all and he was inactive during some of the events. its mostly about me and wat i think of cwo cuz i dont remember anything but only these information. HALF OF THIS INFO COULD BE FALSE, been 2 years.

Me and cloudy made sf thinking we will pwn everyone and become god of cw and make every recognized us haha, but we failed since everyone called us stupid f***** or something so we renamed SF to CWO and we became gud clan with ido. ido made BA forum and ppl were asking us about our skin and i was saying no cuz it owns. anyway, back then old cwg old cw old cwc was there and cwo was new and we were a small clan and s4l was there too (we started clan at the same time). I was challenging every single clan to war us even though we r outnumber by 5:1 us being 1. we still either tie or lose by 1 point and usually we laugh at ourself at the end. We r like best mini war clan ever back then (maybe) cuz i set a limit and only recruit only the best ppl and then s4l died and then cwg died then cwc died and then there was a period where cwo alone with newbie clans and cwf. We were like #2 oldest clan alive at that moment or something. We recruit everyone then ppl left to other clan idk, i think ppl just wanted to try cwo or something cuz they thought were gud or wanted to have fun. We were getting good cuz everyone in the cw clan was dying and i was laughing at them saying hahahaha only CWF need to die to and we will be best clan ever and we will be recognized as oldest clan, but then old clan were coming back so cwg came back and cw came back s4l came back also, and new clan were forming and some random clan that dont make sense came back, not like they existed before and i was like wtf is going on w/e so ya we then just stay at same pace still declaring war to anybody that stil alive, dont care if we lose or win just to make everyone in the clan active and then it hit us. i realize rs is gay and im trying to be a god of cw for a shitty game. Cloudy died and went to vacation, ido went to hell and quit rs, koddo was a fag and disappear for like ever and then we found him alive later pm offing cw for 2 months after cwo died or he deleted me (fag <3), air cant lead cwo he didn't even try, nbaballer cant lead cwo since he gone crazy leading cwo (i understand bro), lonely was there but he gone crazy and left (thx for the irc help bro), exotic and 80 was there but they were like those gangsta type taht only come and go but they r good, davy was there but idk i dont remember he died of something, and other ppl that not listed on cloud post were inactive. I was there, i lead cwo, i went to every war except a few, cwo was the best clan i ever been, we weren't trash and crashers, i was a guy that try to attain peace and order (if only if i was like V Ctor or that one other guy, no offense) and i wonder wat happen if i didn't think rs was a shitty game. Wait, everyone was ip changing so i said wtf, this is madness and quit rs afterwards. btw, i wanted to kill cwg in my cwo career but we didn't, gay.

Hi, ya i was bored nd i was reading this history by random and then i realizes i wanted to add more info to it and i just wanted to write this down though half the info i forgot so anything in here could be false.

pS no offense if you got offended by this post since i dont act this way usually


Koddo's history from a members perspective:

koddo version -

so i had been playin in w9 with cloud and max and trojann and other people for a while and max pmed me one day and was like hey wanna join a cw clan and i was like ya sure i guess so then i asked jas and after a bit of buggin she was like yeah sure ill join and i was like wo maybe we got somethin here and we got a lot of other people from w9 like pandora cat and whoever her e-boyfriend was at the time and schninky and others and we made shadowed fury and we were pretty bad but then hi ido came along and we decided to get rid of the stupid name and create cwo which apparently was some sort of video game reference i didnt understand but thats ok and we pulled in other people like conan and ultma and we had a really good def with max and cloud and ido (until max and cloud decided they were scorers wdf) and me and davy and jas and for a little bit ultma tried to score but it was pretty tough cause there were just a few of us and so i think we usually lost and then 1 day i was like i dun think i wanna play this game anymore so i quit and then when i came back i played in w6 again and when i kept gettin the flag everyone was like wdf u lucky no namer u and they got all like angri dyl but unfortunately cwo had died bye then =(

CWO link -


heres wat ido has to say

Yeah, I hardly play rs and cwo is full of scum rs players who tend to piss me off when I listen to them and how they play. People like them have ruined the game I used to play. Runescape used to have mature people who loved the game. Now it is filled with idiotic teenagers. The game is terrible now. I am done basically so I am taking myself off of irc and the cwo site. Good luck. Castle war clans are dead because no order can be maintained in them like pk clans can maintain order. And cw clans do not look for people who can play the game fairly. That is why it gets filled with the new generation scum players.

Good luck, hope rs is fun for you.
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