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Jun 1 2007, 09:09 PM(From CWG forums)
V_ct0r had an idea to start a new clan "cwg" with teb869 a half black man with a lot of heart and guts in cws. Teb disappeared for nearly 3 weeks and some of us actually thought he had died. When teb finally returned cwg was started up. Cwg only had a few members but grew quickly, almost as a chain reaction. After 44e was already suffering from losing the good players cwg had their first war with 44e. Cwg won with ease.

Through the months cwg won wars one by one relentlessly. The other clans werent even close to a tie. CW had still been around and inactive with some clans only a about 10 members cwed like cwers should. The ones that did represented CW and made them look good while only those 10 were actually useful. CW, SR, and CWO made a challenge of 3 of them vs cwg. V_ct0r did not set the goal to win but to tie. Tieing the war proved not even 3 cw clans could stop cwg at once. V_ct0r then decided to close down cwg for a few months for reasons not to be told.

When cwg reopened march 26th 2007 8 people ditched cw and joined cwg. Ssj4trunks09 leader of CW got sick of arguing in CW and decided to close CW down. The once proud w36 clan was gone.

Ya pls. CJ's post is pretty much all the older history of CWG. I joined CWG on November 19th of 06, this is also when CWG started to be recognized for the forums they have today, the ones I made for them. Which was back when Teb and V_ct0r still lead CWG.

Once Dirk389 and V_ct0r revived CWG on March 26th of 07, it began to become very popular again, with many of our older members quickly rejoining. And a few new faces that had wanted to be in CWG before it closed. Some of the people that came back were Videogamers0, Brando282, Jattonfire, Backallybob, Ppa2k20, Shotgun_5002, Ultma2, Pointzero09, Mack5690, Leg_Monster, Jasminepower, Lonelyloser3, Evilescence, Walterwalter, 8_oblivion_8, Tz190, Nitro379, Jakev08, Flarestar5, Paul1234me, Daddyorchips, Halo_God51, Brassmonk33, Goldenstar09, Pizzasfury, Mootboot, Madman7214, Nitelion, Amlbrown32, Battered0, Grivous, Zanderinos and me, Dracobringer. Some of the newer faces that joined us from Crusade Warriors were, Ssj4trunks09, Faint666, Assasin985, Cjvegas, Cordero8 and Streetz52. Sorry if I forgot anyone.

About a month or so after CWG reformed, we had our first big series of wars, first was CR, then RE, HF, DF, EA and then CWE. Sometime, inbetween the DF and EA wars I think, Dirk389 had to go to boot camp for the summer, and this is when Mack5690 was promoted to leadership. Then after the EA war, on August 18th of 07, Faint and V_ct0r randomly had an argument on IRC and both quit CWG. Then a few hours later, they revived CW, Crusade Warriors. This caused a lot of unrest within the clan and resulted with a lot of people leaving it, thinking that CWG would die without V_ct0r there to lead it.

Quite a few left, I won't name anyone inparticular, but this is when I took a stand and stood up for the clan I had believed in for so long. I had been talking to Teb869 a lot recently and we thought that together we could bring back CWG to it's former glory. So with the help of Teb869 and Mack5690, we rebuilt CWG, and started by trying to get some of our old core members back. This is when Cordero8 and Videogamers0 helped us out and brought back a few people that had quit and were loyal to CWG. Teb869 and myself agreed to make them our new council members, along with Ice__Dr4g0n and Pointzero04. Teb and me started recruiting around the clock, talking to everyone we knew about joining our clan. And we definitely got a great response. Within the first few days of us showing that we had the will to keep our clan alive, we had around 45 members, which we had dropped to 20 or so when everyone left for CW.

So the clan was back on it's feet again so to speak. Deathmanzyx, an ex-leader of CWV joined CWG right after it was known that we were keeping it open, and I think that him joining right then showed people that we were serious. After we got a few people back and had a good member base, we started warring again, showing the community that we didn't want to have hardly any, if any at all, downtime. Our first war with our new staff was against CWV, even though that sounds like it would be a pretty even match for us back then, we were pretty weakened, plus CWF, CW and CWL crashed our war, but somehow we still came out to be the victor, and as always, we won our first two games without having a third. Our next war was against CWL, which we also beat.

Not before too long we also attracted other leaders and council from older and other clans. Such as Cloudstri101, Metalic_Max, Ladywarriort, Mixednummies, Deal3r, Scarpion, Tddun, Armadillo48 and Jrclacrosse3. After we became more confident with our new leaders, we started warring even more clans, warring CWE, which sadly disbanded after we warred them, and CWS.

After a few weeks, probably a month and a half or something, of preparation after our war with CWS, we finally had our big showdown with CW, our rival clan since the split. The first two games were ties, first game being 0-0 and the second game being 0-0, but in the third game, Matt Hockley got their flag down to their spawn room, and Metalic_Max quickly grabbed it and darted off to our base for the war winning point. CW had an excellent defense that war and we were lucky to score on them I think.

After our war with CW, Teb869, who I trusted with helping to lead the clan, screwed up our IRC channel and Runehead and attempted to mess up our forums, and he was kicked for it, leaving us with Mack5690 and me for the leaders. Also our current council at that time was Videogamers0, Ice__Dr4g0n, Cloudstri101 and Laser907. I think we've recovered pretty well from the loss of a leader, with me picking up the slack and creating these community forums.

CWG hasn't had anymore wars lately, since it has been the holidays so everyones busy irl and all the other clans are declining to war us for various reasons. We're going to start challenging clans in January, so I think that will be fun. Maybe we'll actually get to war more clans that we still need to face so we can claim to be the Greatest once again.

Added on August 14th, 2008:
Some new history actually needs to be added heh, it builds up after a few months. The following months after December, when this was posted, The clan went on to war CWF multiple times, a cap and a couple full-outs, all ties. Then we finally won a capped war on May 17th, 2008. I stepped down a couple weeks before that, and so did Mack. Cordero and Shenron were both leading when we won. Deal3r also got promoted to council during that time. Our war record is now 15 wins, 3 ties and still NO losses.

If I forgot something and you think I need to add it, please post so.
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