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We started out with just a group of friends that originally played together in w2, and a friend of ours free yews decided he wanted to get a castle wars team together with the group of friends that already played  and to start recruiting on runescape forums; free decided he didn't have the time as"leader" to deal with any of the things that went along with leading, so he was voted out as leader and that's where, ladywarriort and iscream3 came as leaders, with myself and diablo4515  as co-leaders, we ran off the forums for a few months until we got enough members, then we decided to make a forum, we decided to have a few council members, duckfin2, m1ni sn1p3r and fed slayer...

Some of the original players were, evilesencel, hotdog, no1s perfect, stealth k0, pk mage, hockey, slayer132005, crz, 600 coins, brian 405, dead eye, ubaduba1, x kipp0rz x, ultma2, inuyasha, free yews,da fram man, there was many more, but these names stuck out on top, these members were the heart and soul of s4l...

We used to do, parades, dress up in silly costumes and go all around runescape

i recall having to get everyone to work as a team and see who was really good at what position, our first scrimmage was against sf, which was led by metalic max, i think we each won a game, then the third game we tied; after that two of their team mates joined s4l, that was nbaballer405 and dom pker..

i never realized there were so many castle war teams out there and our first real war was when we went against draco's team, although i'm sure there were spies on BOTH sides(one of our council had to be a retard and was seen doing) we still won :P , lol that's when i first met draco, because everyone was one the wall arguing about cheating and such, i still have screenies from old days too..

We also had a Big Scrimmage  against Zammy Elites, and there was some small crashing on both sides, but everyone was mainly up on the wall, i think because people wanted to see what these two "new" teams were like, we did fairly well against Zammy Elites and won..then we made the HUGE mistake to ally with them and we ended up backing out at the last minute of helping them because red sonya was a big baby and didn't want to go into the sara portal..so we decided to stay on our own...we never warred cwg, it's not because we were scared(although looking back, we prolly would have lost) but because we hated vic and teb back then, and we weren't giving them the satisfaction to be in the same world as us..

we scrimmed a few more smaller clan, then it was decided we didn't want to lead a clan anymore(plus there was some stuff behind closed doors), too much work and that's when s4l pretty much closed down..

When s4l closed, everyone tried to recruit us, some went to ze(then quickly left) few went to cwg, some went to cwo(including myself) then i really stopped playing cw...now i'm in cwg(lol last place on earth i'd thought i'd join, but since it has different leaders/council, it's really laid back there, and the members rock too)

So this is my story and i'm sticking to it B)
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