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Well Guys.. It's time to finally cut the cord. I started Runescape when I was about 13 years old. My friend showed me it. But now it's time to officially be done. (lol I've been done since 06, but i fucking still lurk this forum so i mean i'm finally done lurking and keeping up with the community) I've had great times... I really did. Runescape was so much of my childhood in a way. I regret it somewhat, lol. I mean I could have fucking been a beast at baseball if it wasn't for me spending so much time playing this shitty game lmao.. but back then it wasn't shitty to me. It was fun, mainly because of the community. I'm 19 years old now, growing up in a crazy world. Life's changing, new friends, new roles, new responsibilities. I just want to say thanks. World 44. Flip, jugernaut, goku, slayer, dirk, suzi, yogoshi, flare, tz, flip, kura, ppa, orangedude1, cjvegas, man dylanj, umm who else, so many fucking people, bat, and those cwg haters... Ya'lls name are still with me 6 years later. It's kind of crazy because I never think about runescape besides but like maybe once a month lol. But somehow those names stick with me.

Ultma2 i forgot you sorry i'm high as fuck.

But really guys. thanks for everything.I'm serious about this topic. I'll be around to read responses for a day or so, but then I'm officially done. What will you remember about me?


p.s. i'm high but this was really sentimental and from the heart, i know it's cool to troll me, but let this be serious please i only ever have asked one thing.
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