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In highschool, I was no fan of mathematics i prefer the acrobatics the lyrical gymnastics

February 19 2013, 02:49 AM
rohawk,February 19 2013, 01:46 AM]I don't think there will be a new era of castle wars that will have a better understanding than this era... I mean we've been through everything that can be done within castle wars. New comers won't ever have a thought like how we play strategically. Only way they could ever learn about it is through peoples videos from this era even then they will never be as good imo. Just because of the lack of experience and wars etc
but they may even develop without looking at what cw was like..

there will be a group of people who will think about cw as a little more than pking people and become what we all were back in 2007.. learning and developing a game.

and since there will be no comp cape-- no tards loafing games for no reason so they good get good games.

it will be interesting is all i have to say
no there wont be

runescape will be dead in tops 2 years

this is just another gimmick to milk more money

figure out the rest of your life w/o rs while you have time

FootBALL is life.
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