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Some smaller changes that are pretty important:

Let players attack through & walk through ballistas & viewing orbs. Reason:These are tatical for offmages maybe cast over them if you want to ruin that but not run through them..

Please give tinderboxes and buckets an infinite spawn (when you take it, it is still there so other players can take them). They have become vital in the tactics of castle wars. No Reason: having limited amounts of these early on is one of the reason scoring isnt overpowered as if they had infinity scorers could all take 2 buckets right at the start... which is basically an automatic score as they can bucket every cade.

NEW: Revert bucketing back to old bucketing without the damp.

NEW: Fix the flag so it doesnt make you look like your iq is below 60 when you run, or at least make it so it doesnt get in the way of every right click option of everyone around it.

Please color code the barricades depending on which team placed them. Also, display how many are used in upper corner. It is very frustrating when there are 10 barricades and you do not know which ones to blow up.
No because It would be annoying to look at, It'd be aweful in game, and it's the teams job to keep track of their cades therefore this reduces skill required to play.

Please make the flag safe on rocks again. Yes because dling the flag is luck reliant and cw is luck based enough already. actually even making it dl to the side it's closest too when the person dies would be even better. Note: you would have to make it safe if someone dropped it instead of dying on them because then the whole knowing where it would go when passed would be hardcore abused.

Please make water taps clickable area larger. Yes because it doesnt always appear even if you slow right down..

Not that important, but would be nice tweaks:

A take-x option on the supply tables (bandages, exploding potions, barricades, etc) in addition to the take 5. No, simply put it's unnecessary and retarded.

Put back spear walls near bridge Yes because they were good there.

knives to cut ropes on walls. yes because it's interesting and may add skill to cading small doors if they put an animation/timed delay on climbing the rope so you can cut it from the top and make the opposing team fall off while climbing.
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