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The danger is, I'm dangerous

2006 cws or no cws :kanye:

Half of CWC can't even give advice, because they haven't played EoC (I tried that crap once LOL never been more confused over runescape in my life). Gonna have to get Tiny or PEACE or somebody in here for that crap.
Any advice that actually comes up should just be edit'd into your post though, Kb, cus these children are going to spam regardless. And if Jagex wants to look for suggestions having all the good ones in one, first-page post is gonna help.

I swear to God though if they do one of those lets-have-fun-with-new-EoC-Cws tournaments I'LL SPEND TIME TRYING TO FIND OUT HOW TO RUIN IT.
Not really tho cus #college. But I would FEEL like it.

I wish I could have seen 2006scape not get taken down and become more popular than the actual EoC-game.
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