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The Swagger is a beast.

we all remember how shitty the actual game music was,, I'm sure most people had all sounds muted,, maybe a handful with SFX on and music off,,

anyways my whole scape career I would listen to itunes the entire time,,

clear vivid memories of me going to arma, bandos, and sara GWD and listening to deadmaus before he was even popular,, perfect music lol,, it was like synergy,,

for castle wars I remember playing my best games listening to TI and lil wayne,, not even a huge fan of them right now but back then those songs were bumpin and I would just be on a roll. serious domination going on,, no mistakes,, pulling sick nasty pro moves,,

then for like skilling and stuff which I didn't do much of at all since like 07-08 I would just listen to screamo,, lots of older stuff like atreyu and trivium,, now I'm into post-hardcore since I got into college,, stuff like of mice and men and the seeking,,

what did you guys listen to?

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