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Jesus - Syciere

June 3 2012, 01:16 AM
that tick guy.

chazz's multiple accounts.

and who the fuck is lull spell?

it's marcomer01 gf perm muted btw LOL

I still don't believe you are the original Syciere but whatever...
that tick guy......don't know him and don't know chazz but there is a bunch of people i missed like layeuth and others. poor marcomer lol.....he was muted the entire time i knew him. And yes it's me.....and i remember you vaguely but i think you were a lower level if i'm right.?

lull_spell wasn't an extreme cwer like half of se but she did cw once in awhile and i recruited her for defense.
Edited by sYc, June 3 2012, 01:44 AM.
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