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May 17 2012, 09:41 PM
does this mean you'll rein in your scoring leader and have him stop crashing other clans private games/events?
I've never really had a big tolerance for crashing. If someone's going to crash they "may" get a warning or I may just boot them. Seeing as this is probably my last summer playing it'd be the latter.

If anyone from Dcw crashes or does something that's out of bounds. Be sure to have proof or I won't listen. If you have proof (a screenshot/call me to your world), I will take care of it. Never take action into your own hands, because I am a spiteful person and have no problem giving it back to you.

Dcw has always been a clan for fun, where those who weren't good or accepted into other clans could come. I'm for giving people a chance in almost any field. I've let scorers def, I've let people who have never played in wars play. Dcw is for fun and it's no fun having the same exact people playing every week. If people don't fit into Dcw's mentality they can leave or conform to it.

I am always open for questions, concerns, or anything. IRC, pm me on these forums, other forums, or attempt to catch me on runescape.

Any problems or concerns? Feel free to drop me a pm.

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