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Cristiano Ronaldo
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Most Likely to Survive the Zombie apocalypse.

January 14 2012, 08:31 PM
Tits Mcgee
January 14 2012, 02:53 PM
how is slayer underrated..he never won a single fuckin war brozzzzzzz
you're one hell of a spastic nigerian, so you might as well shut the fuck up. And how the hell are you a normal human being when you felt sorry for that picture in the animal abuse topic, but you could not give a shit about the people in 9/11. God damn dude never thought I would know anybody as strange as you.
What..? Never said it wasn't a tragic event. Just people need stfu about it already. Not like i am gonna pretend to care what happened 10 years ago to keep face on the *internet*.

What does that have to do with you kissing ass to get into wars even though you never really won a war in the first place.

slayer -"they both had 1 thing in common soi, you r0fl"

I don't want to fuck some cunt who fucked like 70 dudes in my town. I want the bad bitch who loves vinyl and is picky.
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