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clan that never won wars until every other clan was dead wins best overall def & score, what a joke, goes to show whos still active

Guess we should vote for the clan that was good in 2010 in the 2011 awards instead.

spastic comment, dl was better. and ecw is dead now

If losing 4 members meant a clan died than I'm afraid the clan you're currently in would no longer be here either.

no Chun no ecw

Yeah, only 2 years of ecw before he joined. Oh no, we're doomed !!

Both this year and last year I've seen you people make tons of votes only voting for your own clan and leaving everything else blank

Well that's just false there were equally as many people from Fcw doing the same thing.

Just because Nar pointed out that some things went wrong in counting (but also with voting twice for the same player, which I noticed) isn't a reason to jump on him like that.
Lemon said himself that the award doesn't mean anything to him when it obviously means a lot to Nar.
Therefor the logical thing seems to be to correct the mistake rather than avoid it, does it not?

All this hate Ecw gets throughout the years is beyond ridiculous and the awards for us is a reason to get back at people for all of this.
So yeah some people may care a bit too much about them, but surely half the people that said we care too much did exactly the same last years rewards and would do the same when they feel cheated.

Expecting some flame for defending my clan, which I luckily will not see ! ~ night
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