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Viewing Single Post From: 2011 CWC Awards - Results
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"The Best"

Peruvian Puff Pooper
January 1 2012, 01:54 AM
stupid results as usual.
lets start...

scarpion9 for best overall 3rd? he doesnt even cw
slayer most underrated.. lol
brian for 2nd most underrated?...is that a joke?
dark fussion getting 3rd for best off mage... idk what to say there
totti for 3rd palce best pk...he doesnt even pk
shewtingstar best female? rehann obv should have won that

oh yeah and where is the awards for the people who scored the most points bc im pretty sure they ACTUALLY deserve the awards.

but oh wait... theyre all ECW...i guess that means they dont deserve them..

grats to everyone who got an award
Are you that much of a stuck up bitch? I started to "like" ecw more I guess because I haven't been in a war in a long time verse them. But holy shit, all of your fucking egos are blowing my mind right now. None of you idiots should have gotten awards really besides a few people. And yeah some of these guys shouldn't have won an award, but you can't change it rofl. Plus you hardly play castlewars with anybody but yourselves, so you don't know who does what. So shut your fucking mouth, and next year every clan will be posting just like Ecw (Nar)especially to go and vote because you guys feel special for winning an award. I actually laughed at two or three of ecw members winning an award when they are complete shit. Just get over yourself you fucking retard, and try to play cw with some other people. I knew 2011 would be about change, but not on here.

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Guess you actually care about it now since you're flaming people who aren't in ecw for winning an award. Nice job fucking retard.

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Now you guys are really stuck up, and that's why I hate you now. You're not all that good because you don't see the other side of it. So shut your fucking mouth, and don't even bother to try and come back when you really can't.

If it's tl;dr basically you're a fucking retard who thinks everyone in ecw is the best when there's only a few people who actually are. And quit being so biased you selfish bitch, and just spam the votes next year, so all of you spastics will actually win an award. Holy shit you're more annoying now.

Oh and if you think it was a popularity contest then how come I actually won? Some people can't stand me, and make fun of what I do, but I think I still won an award. !fish
Edited by Slayer, January 1 2012, 06:51 AM.
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3rd vid


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