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January 1 2012, 02:26 AM
Just because you don't agree with the results doesn't mean the people don't deserve them.

If you want to sit on your ass and count up all of the scores then go ahead, but I sure as hell am not. Since you apparently did do this, then it's your own fault for not even showing us the results.

you're giving people bullshit over FUCKING THIRD PLACE AWARDS?

If you're going to be so ignorant that you think your clan deserves every single award then do a Goddamn awards system for your own clan. You should be thankful that we're even doing this. People have been complaining that cwc is dead; well giving us shit about something many people put a lot of effort into won't exactly help.

i dont have to agree with the votes to know when someone is pming people and asking them to vote for him even when that person have never seen them play before.

the scores have been counted and ive seen the list dont play games you know that you or someone on your staff has it.

yes im giving bs over third place... there are like 200 cwers and there will always be the 3 people who deserve it...not some random person that gets votes bc he makes vids.

cwc awards have always been a popularity vote and they always will be. so go ahead and and dont make them i wouldnt care. and i think the people who deserved most of the awards wouldnt care either
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