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Peruvian Puff Pooper
January 1 2012, 01:54 AM
stupid results as usual.
lets start...

scarpion9 for best overall 3rd? he doesnt even cw
slayer most underrated.. lol
brian for 2nd most underrated?...is that a joke?
dark fussion getting 3rd for best off mage... idk what to say there
totti for 3rd palce best pk...he doesnt even pk
shewtingstar best female? rehann obv should have won that

oh yeah and where is the awards for the people who scored the most points bc im pretty sure they ACTUALLY deserve the awards.

but oh wait... theyre all ECW...i guess that means they dont deserve them..

grats to everyone who got an award
Seriously hope this is a joke.

It's CWC awards 2011, not Ecw awards 2011. Just because you don't agree with the results doesn't mean the people don't deserve them.

We only had those most scores/clean sheets shit last year because chav actually counted them up and took the initiative by giving the results to the people counting up the votes. It was a special one-time thing. If you want to sit on your ass and count up all of the scores then go ahead, but I sure as hell am not. Since you apparently did do this, then it's your own fault for not even showing us the results.

These awards are supposed to be a fun thing and a look-back to the year we just went through. Both this year and last year I've seen you people make tons of votes only voting for your own clan and leaving everything else blank, like that's really what these awards are about. And still, even this year when your clan won the majority of the awards, you're giving people bullshit over FUCKING THIRD PLACE AWARDS? Every year there's been one or two standout clans that have basically deserved or gotten the majority of the awards, but they never complained that their clan should win. Not trying to be a dick but some of you need to get the fuck over yourselves.

If you're going to be so ignorant that you think your clan deserves every single award then do a Goddamn awards system for your own clan. You should be thankful that we're even doing this. People have been complaining that cwc is dead; well giving us shit about something many people put a lot of effort into won't exactly help.

Wasn't planning on making a post like this at all, but that post honestly pissed me off.
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