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So, I'm not going to be playing anymore, just because I can't be bothered with this plus school.

So, that brings me to my next point. I have 100m to give away. I'm in the "jolly" mood this week, so I'll be hosting a Drop party/ Give away Christmas Eve, I can't be on Christmas Day because quite frankly, the last place I want to be is fucking RS, + My members ends that night.


World 66
3-4PM Est (If I'm not there Ill be back by 6 hopefully)
Castle wars lobby, (We'll go to my house to drop shit so it's just a private CWC drop).

I'll also be leaving my PM on from now til that day (If I'm on, if you've ever wanted to get a flame or w/e off your chest to me, nows your chance).

That's all folks. Merry Christmas.
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