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December 22 2011, 05:28 AM
December 21 2011, 11:14 PM
December 21 2011, 08:32 PM
Started playing in 44 Biker16, Punkdude270, and a shit load more other good ass people. Once w44 owned 36 because that's all that mattered in CW at that time CWG opened and then that's all that mattered in CW at that time. Played in W100 for a while with my best friend Flarestar, along with Lonelyloser and Kanubella and a bunch of other good ass people. Team Gayo l0l. Once that world died I moved to W89 and that was the best world ever, one of the best defenders ever came from there in Brando282, along with a bunch of other chill ass people. I remember the first CWG vs. the world war we ever had I scored the only point during the entire war and that was the sickest shit I've ever done and that was around that time. I think I joined 3gcw around that time because I wanted to help new clans emerge and was tired of seeing the same clans doing the same exact thing. Tried starting my own clan but that didn't pan out too well. Rejoined CWG until it died. Stopped playing CW from like 09-11 because it was just boring as shit. Started back up this year in W59, was the cloest thing to a homeworld to me and it was really fun. The people there for the most part were pretty whack but the world was ok, it's dead now. Now if I ever do CW it's with Flare Star and F5ng and we just bolas everyone because they get mad. It's always nice to see people I used to CW with back in '06 and they play exactly the same way I do, they haven't changed anything. But a lot of people are annoying as fuck in CW now so I try to stay as lowkey as possible because I honestly am embarrassed to be apart of a CW 'community'. Some people like Radar are really cool and actually doing things for CW I think but the rest of you are fucking homos.
hey i dont see my name
Was gona mention '07 with me you Jug and Plagues but didn't lol. Those were fun times though.
coke machine, summer of 07 ftw
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3rd vid


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