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December 11 2011, 04:33 AM
Started playing castle wars in 07' in w114

Few names I can remember :

D Skimi Pl0x
Whatt Puree (Maryanne)
Bannon Boi
Orcy Master
Hit Orange
Red Puffles
Chinaworieor (forgotten how to spell it)

Then w114 started to die in 08'-09' (I think) so I started searching for worlds and I found that people tend to cw in w6, w9, w12.

So I started playing some cwars der until 10'. Then I made a new account (lvl 20) and strted cwaring in w52 when it firsted strted and then I found ventrillo in 11', started playing in 5v5s, joined my first clan and yeah. Not sure if ppl still tell their "Cw stories" anymore but thats mine. :p
COLIN I REMEMBER ALL OF THOSE PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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