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> Individual Player Awards, 2011:

1. Best clan leader of '11:JeffsonT

2. Best overall player of '11: briaN

3. Most improved player of '11: JeffsonT

6. Best assistant/team mate of '11: Kmd

7. Best scorer of '11: briaN

8. Best mage defender of '11: briaN

9. Best offense mager of '11: phillup

10. Best PK defender '11: warlock

12. Best CW video maker of '11:Master Teale

13. Best female CW player of '11:annz

14. The nicest CW player '11:kmd

> Community Awards, 2011:

1. Favorite CWC staff member (old or new) '11:

2. Favorite overall member of the community '11:

3. Player with the best personality in the community '11:

> Clan/Group Awards, 2011:

1. Best clan of '11:Legacy of Castle Wars

2. Most improved clan '11:rcw

3. Best clan community '11:Castle war legends

4. Best clan defense '11:Divine legends

5. Best clan offense '11:Divine legends

6. Favorite war/clan moment of '11:when dl beat ecw on the 2nd of june and ecw proceeded to make up every excuse in the book and never war dl again because they're pussies

7. Favorite clan that closed during '11:Legacy of Castle Wars

> Forum Awards, 2011:

1. Favorite In-game update '11:bots gone

2. Favorite CWC site update '11:nothing

3. Favorite Emoticon '11: :'(

4. Favorite Thread '11:Big Drops ;D
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