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The time is here once again to pick the best of the best for the 7th year of Castle Wars! 2011 has been filled with many exciting events and many new things added to castle wars. As the fine art of castle wars and Runescape itself is slowly dying, we as a community are sadly dwindling. Although many old players have gone with some still remaining, many newer players have joined the ranks as elite castle warrers and it is a great pleasure seeing new faces around the Castle Wars Community. Some faces come and go, but one thing remains when it comes to castle wars is passion. Castle warrers have always been known for their dedication, skill and pride (and love of flaming). So as a tradition we are going to have the CWC Awards as a way to honor and to give recognition to those who have worked hard to master the minigame Castle Wars in their own ways and also show appreciation to those who give a lot to this community. In addition to the traditional awards, we have also added new Forum Awards, simply to reflect on the community in the past year.

This voting thread will be kept open until 30th of December and the votes will be counted and the results published on 31st December. The winners will receive prizes in type of special made signatures (to use in their signatures) and award icons that will show up in their mini-profiles. There are also a couple new Community Awards to honor players who may have quit RuneScape but still visit the forums. In addition there will be some awards at the end of the voting process.

The Rules
There are a few rules you should know of before voting as they will affect the results if they are not taken into consideration and followed:

1. You may only vote/post once.
2. You may not vote for yourself, if you do so your vote will not be counted.
3. You may vote in as many or as few categories you wish, if you do not want to vote in a certain category just mark it with a "-" or leave it blank.
4. You may only vote one person per award, if you list multiple, the vote will not be counted.
5. Inside the Individual Player categories you may only vote 5 times for players who are in your clan, if you vote for more than 5 times all of your votes will be voided. This is to prevent people from only voting for players in their own clans.
6. You cannot change your votes once you have submitted them as they will become private and only admins and moderators can see them so make sure you have voted for the right people before submitting.

Award Categories

NOTE: Your votes will become hidden/private once you have submitted them, only admins and moderators will be able to see them. We will make them all public once the results are out on 31st December 2011.

> Individual Player Awards, 2011:

1. Best clan leader of '11:

2. Best overall player of '11:

3. Most improved player of '11:

4. Most underrated player of '11:

5. Player with the most unique playing style '11:

6. Best assistant/team mate of '11:

7. Best scorer of '11:

8. Best mage defender of '11:

9. Best offense mager of '11:

10. Best PK defender '11:

11. Best barricader/tinderer/bucketer of '11:

12. Best CW video maker of '11:

13. Best female CW player of '11:

14. The nicest CW player '11:

15. Favorite player to quit/get banned in the year of '11:

> Community Awards, 2011:

1. Favorite CWC staff member (old or new) '11:

2. Favorite overall member of the community '11:

3. Player with the best personality in the community '11:

> Clan/Group Awards, 2011:

1. Best clan of '11:

2. Most improved clan '11:

3. Best clan community '11:

4. Best clan defense '11:

5. Best clan offense '11:

6. Favorite war/clan moment of '11:

7. Favorite clan that closed during '11:

> Forum Awards, 2011:

1. Favorite In-game update '11:

2. Favorite CWC site update '11:

3. Favorite Emoticon '11:

4. Favorite Thread '11:

Good luck everyone!

Credit to Kbtennis for setting this up !
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