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First of all I'd like to announce the new Profile Commenting System. Users can now post comments on each others profile pages the same way as how you post on the shoutbox but with the exception that all the comments will be logged and won't get cut off after a nr. of posts unlike how the shoutbox works. Also every time someone posts on your profile wall you'll receive a PM in your inbox informing you about the new comment. You can find the commenting system all the way down on a users profile page. The purpose of this system is to have a place for people who want to talk to each other without disturbing other users or having to use the PM system back and forth, it will be every users little shoutbox. Though keep in mind that all the board rules apply even to the new commenting system so you're not allowed to spam a users page or start flaming on it or break any other rules for that matter, see the new system just as another part of the board where you have to show respect to your fellow forum users. Members who feel their profile pages are being spammed or abused they have the ability to send in a report that will be dealt by me personally.

I've also added a list at the bottom of the main page labeled "Recently active topics" where you'll see the 5 latest topics that has had comments posted in them. There is also a list that shows who the actual author of the threads are.

Last but not least after reading your comments and reviewing your votes on this thread: http://s10.zetaboards.com/Cwcommunity/topic/7367116/ I have decided to remove the PC system and all of its influence on the board. But this does not mean the rules around spamming are changed you'll still be punished for unnecessary post of comments that are irrelevant to the topic of a thread.
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