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The summer tourny has ended prematurly with the winners being: (duh du da duhhh) TEAM KBTENNIS@!!!@!@! Now I have this 60m and I am willing to spread the wealth and give back 1m to everybody who payed to get into the tourny. Just pm me on RS (i will have my priv on for a while) or CWC if i'm not on and i will set something up.
Leaders can get back all 10m for their members to make like easier, but individuals can also request their 1m if their leader be slackin.

I have a list, so when i give you your gp i will cross you off. You don't need to get your money back if you want to donate to the cwc fund for future prizes/rewards.
I will be closing this on Halloween, that gives you plenty of time, but if you pm me in a year I will have invest that gp to bigger and better things.

Why the Tourny ended: I wasn't being serious when I said I won. BUT, the system worked with me giving the captains a match with another team which didn't really have a set limit to complete and scheduling conflicts and some hardheads made giving the leaders their own time to work things out pretty challenging and quite honestly only one match was ever completed. I'm not blaming anybody, and i don't care if you blame me, but the system was just too loosely based and things never connected. So it had to end.
Everyone seemed to want a tournament so i gave it a shot, better luck next time i guess.

So yeah, pm me, or don't i don't care !fish
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