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Good changes, some of them are very useful some a bit less, but they could all need a few improvements. For the news feeder if you add too much information in it there's a big doubt that people would sit there waiting for all the info to scroll across the screen in order to read what the text says. A solution to this would be to swap right to left scrolling text with a ticking text, which just swaps the text line with a new line of info. A perfect ticker would be one that remembers the last shown info and it does not restart upon updating the page. Might sounds hard to fix but it is possible.

Then the event reminder box is a bit in the way and pretty unnecessary to have there at all times, considering that some people might not even want to see it as they cannot or don't prefer going to those events. Solution here would be to swamp that with a box that is either session or time controlled which also has a remove button that allows the user to remove the box if they don't want to have it on their screen. Also might sound a bit hard to make but with a little effort it's possible.
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