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It's time, once again, to play one of the most popular minigames in Runescape: Castle Wars!

The object of this exciting team-based activity is to capture the other team's flag, located at the very top of their castle, and bring it to the same place in your own castle. Whichever team scores the most times in the 20-minute time period wins! There's more to it than that, though: you can defend your flag with freezing or binding spells and barricades, or just run around killing as many people as possible!

We hope to see you there!

Date: Saturday, 30th July
Time: 2pm CTD / 8pm GMT / 9pm UK
World: 60 (P2P)
Friend Chat: Crablogger
Meeting Place: Castle Wars lobby
Requirements: None
Recommended Items: Good combat gear

If you wish to know more about Castle Wars, then please check out our Castle Wars activity guide.

-RuneHQ Events Team-
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