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Started playing cws w6 in 06 sometime played with random friends who are not cw-ers, then i met creolegurl71 she recruited me to ZE i remember CWG crashing our wars lol Remeber Teb Dirk & vic ..... then one time Red sonya called us all to cws some random world when we get in the game we see it was CWG war Red was trying to get his own back but he never told us we were crashing a war, anyways later Red starts getting teams to go hunt for cw-ers in the wildy to pile them never bothered with that thought it was pretty pathetic tbh everyday some bs it got annoying.

So we loafed in w6 used to play jokes & go after some CWF peple like jason & keep attacking him lol anyway started to loaf more on the wall with creole pez dylanj jason kipp0z stealth firefoxxx no1s perfect (had a fall out with kipp0z that lasted 3 years) as i cba for the ZE vs the world dramas.

A picture of Red got leaked and posted on the old CWC Red called a meeting ... he closed ZE for like 20 mins till the person owned up then some guy i forget his name starts saying bs that me and cre are spies for CWG it is quite funny as i didn't actually even know anyone in CWG so then Red says delete all non ZE cwers from our lists so me and cre said F that i'll delete YOU instead & quit.

Stayed clanless.. too much bs it got boring

Started playing with creole in w24 met element00x hockley some other ppl kura gao can't remember ..
hockley asked me to join 100p dunno y but i didn't want to then a few ppl asked me to join CWF when i said no they started talking shit saying who do i think i am.lol but i didn't wanna join cos i didn't like kip .. we made up eventually...
Anyway got recruited to CWG 07 had some fun but more people with dramas so quit then rejoined with teb quit again when draco stepped down.

Joined s4l got closed

Joined CWF left with the others who made trinis clan that closed been clanless then quit rs in 08.

litchking shared his account and that's how the pic got out...we were so naughty back then sheesh
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