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March 15 2011, 02:29 PM
no1 cares nav

the first ecw was made and I decided to app with no one knowing me in the clan in its first week and got accepted as a def mage once again, amazing clan and stayed til the end until it was closed by Mojo and Shorty in 09 summer?

double confirmed, the times where no one knew tomas used steroids, good times :)

Oh I started in 2005 in world 6, saw people like nbabazler, kenshin, litchking, jee haa (l0l), comportal1 (i think), tommyboy, jasminpower, hockeyyyyyyy, shearerxx9xx and many more

joined CWO early 2007, CWP Sept-oct 2007, Crusade warriors end 2007, S4L spring 2008, cw ambush sept-nov 2008, 100P end 2008 start 2009, DCW somewhere inbetween.

Opened my own clan (ECW) in may/june 2009 on request of dynamic4 and with help from mojo jojo aka charlie the unicorn, was a summer project because I was going uni in sept 2009. After 3 months people like nar, scull, doc and some other core members wanted ecw back open and so I did but only led till like early 2010 and passed the torch to nar and tom.

Atm in RCW helping them out, if you're not gay join today! http://s15.zetaboards.com/Real_Castle_Wars/index/

das all
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