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why cant we have ladders?

for example, we have 6 clans, just an example:

round 1:

game 1:clan 1 vs clan 2 ( the winner out of this game goes to round 2 )
gane 2:clan 3 vs clan 4 ( the winner out of this game goes to round 2 )
game 3:clan 5 vs clan 6 ( the winner out of this game goes to round 2 )

round 2:

winner out of game 1 or 2 or 3 vs winner out of game 1/2/3 *see below*

round 3:

winner of round 2 vs whoever is left

and how to tell who vs who in the beginning, you could put the clans name in a hat, and draw? =p
and that same thing for who vs who first for the 2nd round.

just an opinion

that way, its up to cwc staffs, and not the leaders.

edit: and for the clans that refuse to war eachother, we could discuss on that, but i think that either the clan that says no, forfeits, or have a cwc staff watch that game(s)

Possible more ideas:

if not a tournament, we should somehow just make wars more interesting. Idk about others, but warring the same people over and over and over and over throughout the year could be a bit boring=p

you can have different types of wars, like clan + clan vs clan + clan? idk
something like that ^
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