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June 26 2011, 01:11 AM
June 26 2011, 12:09 AM
I'm almost done with it calm yer nips..

but you probably won't want me to do it will you.. i'm trying to have the plans worked out by wednesday, so ima close this, i think i answered your questions, pm me if you really need it to be unlocked / any non-specific questions.

Theyre on about the cwc tourny not your 5v5 thing..
To clarify then:

There will be no normal Summer Tourny (as in Clan vs Clan) because there arn't enough clans to go around as rivalries and random hatred with clans refusing to play against each other as Lemon stated. This would force us to pick some clans to play and some to not, which doesn't seem fair. So instead we found a new a different way to have a Tournement, but not as your average 'Summer Tournement' of clan dog eat dog, Songs kinda told you what that will be, so yeah, don't expect a clan tournament.

And ima open this again, so people can chat about it if you want, but i will not be answering much questions as it will all be adressed at a later time.
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