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Mr Nice Guy
May 14 2011, 05:30 AM
May 14 2011, 01:37 AM
May 13 2011, 11:15 PM
I think the reason people view it as being unorginized is because me and Dark are the only people who ever establish an event, at the thursday weekly one, it wouldn't happen if me or him didn't show up, and i think thats the problem..people looked for the irc Mass Message instead of showing up on their own..
And again, me and him would only ever be the people saying "Ok an event is now", so if say I wasn't on that weekend, there wouldn't be an event, and if i was on, there would be.. making it seem unorganized.

If you have read my blog about the events, its basicly set up to get rid of clan boundries as well as bring clanless players into more organized events, because i bet Songs never plays on the same team as Radar(besides like 5v5's and stuff), because they are in different clans and only play against each other sometimes. Also to just bring together Cwers from across to board to have a little fun without the problems that we all complain about that "killed" cw (pid, profound, mass spearing).

So..i think we could go back to thursday events, and even during the summer change it up a little and make it so a staffer doesn't need to be on for the event to happen, if you want it to be more organized, then help out =] Pm me if you have an idea and want it to be taken into consideration right away without posting here =]
Just saying that you never spam it in #dl, fucking hater.

But people go to cwc events for fun, and fun outside of 5v5s etc, is pking in profound or scoring. Thus making anyone who wants to mage, the only mage and they get spam speared and pked constantly.

If i'm gonna b honest cwc is a dead community in terms of what it should be used for, which is cw discussion etc. But every thread is irrelevant and spammed by the same people, only time cwc has it use is for the war topics/cw vids.

It's just a bunch of friends talking now, so trying to set up events is just pointless imo, never gonna work. If you really wanted to try to do something event wise, you should aim it at what people already enjoy like 2v2s/5v5s, perhaps make mini leagues. Bit like mini-warring leugues in clw/rsb.
I'm sure you have not seen the first 2 versions of CWC. Being 1 of maybe 10 active members(hi clo <3 u) who actually have known all 3, i can tell you that this CWC is nowhere close to being dead. Not many rs communities can come close to our amount of members logged on. Ya shit gets off topic, ya some flame happens, and ya this is mostly just freinds, but this forums still brings in new members, and CWC still brings cwers together.

I'm not sure what the whole goal of CWC was in the first place, only Clo and idol can tell us, but im sure she doesn't disapprove of what it has become.

We've one had great cwc games, in a few different worlds in the past, there is no reason why it can't happen again. We all just need to try and make the events.

I say thank you kb and dark for even trying.

I almost cryed
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