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I started at about lvl 90 to get interested in cws in w6. probably 05 or 06. I met a lot of ppl playing then like : snake pit6, meric202, i boss hog i, anibox24, neychrolovah to name a few. They started showing me more and more of what to do and I played ALL the time. I w6 it all the time, and got like 90-115 cmb at cws (Lol) I then started training cmb more outside of cws and went from 115 cmb to 125+ in like a month. By this time w6 had started to die. and I was slowly moving to w24. I stayed there for a bit and then just started hopping around to random cws worlds and was invited to 100p but got declined b/c I wasnt a "team player." I then just went back and forth to cws and training to get my cmb lvl up.

Most recent : App'd ecw , got decl, re-app'd and made it and am loving my new clan :)

Short little history of my cws not too exciting :P
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