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Let's see..
I started castle wars in 2006 in world 26. I meant some good friends there that still play runescape today, but not castle wars. I then quit for a year due to the fact I got bored. I came back and started to play in w9, got bored in w9 and moved to world 6 where I meet Silversid23, Sandt069, Uspinmeright, Dylan2729, Meric202 and ofcourse the Master of castle wars Acid T. (Thanks to Lee for making me a better cw ' er !)

After world 6 had died, I started to play in themed worlds like 24 and 82. I then moved on to world 52, where I mostly cw now. I get bored of themed worlds somtimes so I 2 v 2 a lot with my buddies Silversid, Sandt, and Gladd.

I didn't start joining clans till 2009. I tried to join a clan but got declined cus I sucked. So that's when My good friend Meric202 and I made a clan. (Cw_Superiors). That didn't last really long and It closed in the Summer of '09. I then applied for Ecw in late 2009, got accepted, and 3 days later it closed. I've been clanless a lot in 2010, and in November of 2010, I joined CWT. Where I made some really good people that made me become even better then I was. I stayed in CWT for about 4 months then left due to school and it wasn't working out for me with their times. I then joined CWP and left yesterday because I was never active.

Yep, that's my history.

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