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March 20 2011, 05:23 AM
uhmm i think i started cw'ing late 2oo6 on my old acc o0osqueako0o in w98, my friend foxmadnes first introduce me to cw back then, she's like come underground with me, and we went to capture the flag and she show me the ropes of it and everything. i never took cw srsly until about 2oo9 or whatever though. i made a few best friends back then, mostly gothicchic25, slipknotbebe, varranak, halo_god51, jadethekid, and blubee1. xD we mostly cw collapse and pk people because that's all i liked about cw back then.

after awhile my cousin gave me monkey a d, because he was gonna quit, and my other acc was shit and it was perm mute so why not use his. i started using it, and i had some flames with akiles, numbuh, durza, busta, trueballa, gummibear862, and a few others, i can't remember all the names, i think there was a clan in w98 for cw but i dunno the name.

i made jessi a d after monkey a d & o0osqueako0o got perm banned. i got hacked for my bank in sept o7 i think and i quit till about late o8, when angie asked me to start playing again. kt, angie and i cw'd mostly in w2, & w9 at that time if i remember correctly. we just loaf around and really didn't take cw srsly, never really did cause it takes the fun out of it. met a few unforgettable ppl from then also :3

then about 2oo9 kt asked me to app 100p since i was getting into cw or w/e, and i got in and it died. then went to lcw, and left yadda yadda.

ya n__n
stfu no1 cares new fag
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