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Can't remember if I made one of these or not but I might aswel make a short cw history

I started rs like in 05 I think, and started cwring properly in like mid 07. I used to play on Marwana and started off in w83 and saw some people like Fitbabe castlewars and score so I tried to copy the same stuff he did really in terms of all the tricks and cading etc. So i improved a hell of a lot and was very fast at tinding and other skills. after w83 died and went to w84 and saw people like Warlok Blaze and Bronzeberg play and used to play some odd games here and there. I became friends with people like chino4ever and jose ( cant remember his rsn) so I was asked to join e_r. Then i started looking into clans alot more played in w24 and w82 for a long time.

I used to do alot of clue scrolls and luckily got a third-age robetop which I sold for around 90m at the time which pretty much set off my cwring career in terms of clans. I was talking to wahyanites and he told me I could probably to get into cwf so I was deciding wether to app to cwf or 100p. After a while in like mid 08 I think I apped to 100p as a scorer and my trial was in like french worlds so I sucked ass pretty much and got accepted firstly then declined because of close votes by Nasir (FU Nasir).

I decided to go to cwj as a def mage and got accepted, was a pretty fun clan and had some good times. met Eric on Systhersword, Mannie, Bronze, Fit, Flicker, Vinchenzo, and some others.
Stayed clanless for a while, the first ecw was made and I decided to app with no one knowing me in the clan in its first week and got accepted as a def mage once again, amazing clan and stayed til the end until it was closed by Mojo and Shorty in 09 summer?

After lots of complications with Marwana I ditched the account and started playing on x Nav or l Nav l and started brushing up on skills in w166. I think dcw was reopening to I decided to join and that was probably my favourite clan and enjoyed my time there the most
I practiced a shit load of Bucket=]] like exploding cades and pk defending etc. I also started playing alot more 1v1's during my time in dcw and is what probably made me the cwer I am now
Met some pretty cool people like Sqemish, Magic, Kura, Kyle, Eric, Jord, Richy(at the time) and some others.

About a year ago I decided to make my own account so I would'nt havent to go through the hacking phase all over again I ditched x Nav and decided to start a fresh so Villematic was born.
I joined Cwt because I was pretty tight with Songs and been in cwt since, started 2v2ing alot more. Only come on Scape to train stats occasionaly and cw really.
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