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March 13 2011, 06:19 AM
I remember getting my account.
I remember going to w60 and meeting Hockley, Dillo, Taco, and Dan.
I remember my friends and I always trying to anti-stack Feng and Lulu.
I remember having 2vs2s in CW before anyone ever did that. Hockley scoring and me maging vs. Feng scoring and Lulu maging.
I remember when 3 people could score against 25 mages and pkers.
I remember everyone going to fight or crash ZE or CWP and it being so intense.
I remember joining CDU.
I remember everyone hating Josh.
I remember when Jenna was a man.
I remember when Webb lied about becoming a man.
I remember when people started spearing a lot.
I remember when I ran out of runes and Hockley taught me to score.
I remember meeting everyone in CWG and telling Mack how much he sucked.
I remember when IPs were found out and I kept begging Shen and Cordy to teach me.
I remember getting my first .0 and then losing it in an hour.
I remember meeting Jatt and him and Dillo and I started crashing and made MAC.
I remember full brews gl!

Then like 2006 hit and shit went down hill fast. Now CW is just a bunch of rich kids with nothing left to do.

The most amazing thing is that in 7 years or whatever nothing has changed. People still think that they are good or better than someone when they aren't.
Being good isn't about cading, spearing, IPing, PIDing, gear, burning cades, exploding cades, or any of that. Just because you have better gear, a faster connection, or more luck than a person that doesn't make you better. Grow up.
Good read, I like the ending.
They told me I was awful and that shit did not phase me. Tell me how I suck again? My memory is hazy.

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